Monday, October 24, 2011

Wine tasting

my Dad took us on the 
wine tour.
George & I rented a van
so that all of us could fit 
in one big vehicle.
Both my sons,
their girlfriends,
my parents,
and I went.

The weather was beautiful..
we started out at
Marilyn Remark

They have the cutest 'wine dogs'..

Of course we did some tasting there..

Our next stop was Talbott Vineyards.
They also make ties :-)

We took some cheese & crackers
to munch on in between tastings.

My kids took a little stroll...

while my Dad gave
Heather 'Vineyard 101' lessons!

Our last stop was to Hahn Vineyards.
They're one of my favorite wines.

The wine pourer was very attentive,
helping my boys decide which one to buy.


Off the back of the winery 
is this beautiful view of 
the valley..
We had a great time with
our family today.


  1. Clearly a lot fun, but then how could a wine tour not be:)

  2. What a fun time!! Love that last picture of the two of you!!

  3. What a great day with your family! And a great picture of you Mr. and MRS Owen.

  4. Such a wonderful time with all your family together!!

    You two look SOOOOOOO Happy :o))

  5. What a "tasty" way to spend a great day with your family. Hope you enjoy all that fine wine before you try to bring it home on the airplane.

    Those TSA guys have no sense of humor.

  6. So nice to see you relaxed and happy and enjoying a wonderful time with your family!

  7. Wine tours are great, being with family even better.

  8. I really like that last photo. Wine tasting, ahh, one of m favorite activities.