Thursday, October 20, 2011

We're in California!

Well, we finally made it!
Our first flight from
Wilkes-Barre to Newark
was on a two-prop,
small plane.
Not Cessna small..
but you know.
Felt every little bump on
the 45 minute trip.

Newark to Denver
went without a hitch...
except we had a 45 minute layover..
that turned into 15 minutes
due to the fact that there was
another plane in the gate
that we were supposed to go into!

We were getting nervous that we 
would miss our outbound flight to 
San Jose, 
but as we hoofed it to our
gate, the plane wasn't there yet :-)

Finally we got going,
and landed a few minutes late 
in San Jose.
Luggage was there even!

My Dad was waiting,
and we made the trip an hour 
south from the airport to
my parent's house in
Prunedale :-)

My Mom, always the
terrific hostess,
had crackers, cheese, grapes,
and wine!

My Dad gave Heather
a lesson in proper
wine tasting techniques..

then gave her a tour of the back acre..

She loved the eucalyptus trees!

Today we are off to get 
our marriage license..
and meet with Pastor Hoff, 
to go over the wedding ceremony.

More family is coming in today..
so more fun to follow!


  1. What fun!! Glad you made it there safe and sound. :)

  2. And we sure are hoping you are having great weather. You are not missing anything back here in PA, weatherwise. We are in Somerset, very windy, drizzly and COLD.

    Anxious to see and hear about the big event!

  3. Make sure to have some time to relax and enjoy your special day! Best wishes to you both. :c)

  4. I am so excited for you, the day is nearly here. I hope it is an absolutely perfect day and can't wait to see wedding photos!

  5. I am so glad the trip was relatively uneventful! Sounds like the beginning of an absolutely wonderful time!

    I can't wait to see pictures of THE day! :)

  6. Glad your there safe and sound with the luggage....enjoy your special day and I hope it goes off without a 'hitch' while you get 'hitched' :) Will be watching for pictures :)

  7. Looks like the wether is going to be great!

  8. It's been amazing watching it count down on your blog and now here it is. ENJOY! ENJOY!!

  9. Don't know why, but air travel always has to involve a certain amount of nail-biting. Glad everything went well and you made it safe and sound.

  10. Glad you got there okay. We hope it will be the best day ever for both of you. Can't wait to see the pictures.