Friday, October 28, 2011

Vacation is sliding to a stop..

Since my last post 
on Tuesday (Dated Wednesday)..
we took Heather to
the airport to fly home
on Wednesday morning.
We then stopped at Camping World..
to check out some 'stuff'.
We didn't buy anything,
as we will take advantage
of a generous gift card
and free shipping,
after we get home.

Yesterday, Thursday..
we took both my sons
out for lunch to see them
one last time for awhile.

Our next visit was to 
see Levonne
as she is staying in Moss Landing.

Her lovely dog, Gingee

After sharing a nice cup of coffee..
we made our way north to 
Los Gatos, 
to spend a nice time with
in their lovely home.

We sat and had some wine..

while Merikay explained her

We sat outside and talked
with Craig about
all things wine & RV.

Soon it was time to eat!
Craig sliced a nice roast,
and we had brussel sprouts,
mashed potatoes,
and good sour dough bread.

So nice to meet another blog friend!
We are hoping someday to
see them down the road.

Tomorrow we go home..
and it looks like we'll be flying
into SNOW.
After this week of 70 degree, SUN,
and a beautiful time..
we are not ready for reality.

For those of you asking to see
wedding pictures...
you can click on this link 
to see them all..

or here's a few teasers..

Austin walking me down the aisle

Happy couple!

Heather, me, George, Adam & Austin


  1. I know - this weather is awful! :( We are right on the edge between the 10 and 15 inch snowfall forecast.

  2. Oh my what a beautiful dress! Congrats!!
    Cheers! ~M

  3. I know all good things must come to and end-but snow in Oct- that does not seem fair:(

  4. What a wonderful wedding!!

    You two look so happy:o))

    We are so sorry you have to head back to the 'real' world ;o(( However, the clock is ticking again as you head towards the full-timing dream!!

  5. Congratulations to both of you. The pictures are great. We are so happy for both of you and can't wait until the next countdown is done and you are out here with us. It is 55 here in Texas but no snow. Thank Goodness!

  6. What a lovely wedding!! Thanks for sharing the photos with us.
    So glad you've enjoyed this time....but back to snow???? Say it isn't so!!

  7. What kind of dog is that darling Gingee?

    You sure have had a great time, with the beautiful wedding and seeing friends. I'd say just don't come back until the weather behaves itself. :-)

  8. What a great picture of you and Levonne, two of my favorite blogging lady friends.

    Sorry you can't stay longer, good times pass by too quickly. :c(

  9. Wow! It sure looks like y'all had a great time in California. Don't let "reality" bring ya down too much. It's all a part of the journey. Grab a coat though..

  10. You guys both looked wonderful on your wedding day. What a good looking couple! Your dress is gorgeous!

    So nice to be able to visit with other rv'ers. So did Merikay explain the gloves adequately?

  11. Ohhh -- with snow in the forecast that really would be hard to leave sunny California. What a beautiful wedding and a wonderful time that you had. Thanks for sharing your wedding pics!

  12. Beautiful wedding photos! So glad you got to spend some time with blogger friends. One of these days we will meet up on the road too.

  13. From delightful sunny days to SNOW! Just doesn't seem right does it? That's okay you have your honey to keep you warm.

  14. I'm so glad you were able to come for dinner. It gave us a chance to get to know each other a bit and that makes blogging even more interesting. I hope we meet again on the road somewhere when both of us are at a beautiful RV park.