Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Showing the Pennsylvanians California

Excuse the posting date...
my blogger thinks I'm on 
east coast time!

Yesterday, Monday..
George, Heather, and I drove up
to Fremont, CA, and then hopped on
BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit)
 up to San Francisco.

George and Heather
have not been there before,
and I hadn't been there
in over 20 years..
..one being in the 
1989 World Series earthquake!

We hoofed it down to
Fisherman's Wharf first.

We then bought tickets to
the 2 hour 'hop-on, hop-off'
tour bus..
so we could see the city
on our butts :-)

We saw the cable cars..


and of course the 
Golden Gate bridge..
my favorite..

San Francisco is so beautiful..
there are the 'painted ladies'.

After the bus tour we got back
to Fisherman's Wharf,
and ate dinner at Alioto's.

Now there is today...
Big Sur

If you've never been 
to California, and you
get the chance...
be sure to drive 30 minutes south
of Monterey..
on highway 1
to Big Sur.
These pictures do NOT do it justice.
The sun wasn't out from the fog
yet either..so they're a little flat.

We stopped at Nepenthe's restaurant..

and had good eats,
under colorful umbrellas,

outside, with this
beautiful view:

Isn't this nice!?


  1. I haven't been to Big Sur for years. I do plan it as one of our future short trips in the Alfa but I don't know when.


    You are having such a wonderful time :o))

  3. Glad you all are having such a great time!

    When will you be heading back home?

  4. Great pictures. We have not been to California yet but plan to be there in February. I can not wait to get the motorcycle on highway 1. Enjoy your trip.

  5. How funny - my oldest daughter was living in Mountain View CA during the 1989 quake. The school where she was teaching lost power for weeks. She only lost dishes and a lamp. BTW, she moved back east less than three months later.

    I've only been in the San Diego area of CA. One of these days we will make it to the northern part of the state.

  6. Wonder where we could camp in order to see San Francisco and Big Sur. I'm not much for driving the RV in our around cities. Haven't been to SF in over 30 years so I'd love to if there was some way to find a nice campsite fairly close or between the two.

  7. Are you shocked by the prices of things in CA? Hope you have enough fun before the money runs out! ;c)

  8. You're in my part of the world. I'm in Moss Landing. When you came down Hwy 1, you passed by us at the KOA. I love Big Sur. Have fun and enjoy the early fall scenery.

  9. Great tour, have not been there in many years:)

  10. We were there last year and it is indeed GORGEOUS! Thanks for the photos. Looks like you are having a great time.

  11. You guys are hitting some of the best spots in California, what fun!

  12. Glad you are having fun in California. :)

  13. Laurie and George, It was a total delight to meet the two of you. It felt as though we were old friends. I do hope we get to visit more! I'm looking forward to your post when get back home and start sifting through all those photos. Safe travels. Take care...