Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Pre-trip fun


Tonight is our first night..
we're finally off work..
well I am :)

George, his daughter Heather,
and I are staying at a Holiday Inn Express.
It's by the airport that we
are flying out of in the AM..
early AM..
6 AM early.

We got to the hotel, 
and when I went to check 
us in, they had no reservations.
Seems I booked them
for tomorrow night.
Not sure what I was thinking, 
but the girl at the front 
desk fixed everything.

Soon after, we all 
went out to dinner..
at Marvelous Muggs.
Not  too bad food..
but better drinks!

We can't wait to take off in the morning!

Hopefully all our flights
will go smoothly..
and we'll be in California by tomorrow afternoon.


  1. Have a good flight. the weather here is wonderful, hopefully it will last thru the weekend.

  2. Those are great pictures of you and especially that last one. You just look wonderfully happy. May all of your life be just like that!
    Safe flight!!

  3. I'm with Sherry... those are fantastic photos. We can see the HAPPY in those photos!!

    You are definitely 'Making Memories!' :o))

  4. Here is one more vote for the happy couple photos.

  5. This is so exciting - for you and for all your followers, too. Have a wonderful time! You just couldn't look happier! :)

  6. Wishing you all the best! Love your hair, it's very pretty.