Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Our Montana is in her temporary home..

Monday afternoon.
We made the trek from Hershey 
to Plains, PA.

Again, George drove like an old pro.

We had some kinda fun getting it
into the property.

First of all the modified 
that we had spread 
on the mobile home's
footprint, was not dried
sufficiently to sit the Montana on.

after several times
jockeying it into
we parked it on some hard
ground next to the 
modified until the end of the week.
The weather is supposed to be 
nice, sunny, and warm,
so that the ground will get 
hard enough to move it over 15 feet.

We have spent the last couple of nights
putting our things away..
then taking them out, 
and putting them away 
again.. :-)

George hung up my little
bulletin board with 
3M velcro..good stuff!

The grandkids came by to
see Poppy George's new

We are enjoying the view 
out the back window.

That river can just stay there!


  1. Those pesky rivers. But it is a great view. Sure sounds like you are having a lot of fun!!

    Will it be a Montana honeymoon???

  2. Welcome home to the new home! Have fun learning all the new systems and playing with all those great bells and whistles but don't forget you've got a wedding in 15 days! ;c)

    Paul & Marti

  3. If it rises again you will be able to move out of danger!

  4. Love your view, sure better than the discards on the street.


  5. How cool is it to know that if the river decides to rise again, you can just pull your home to higher ground?!?!

    Now that is truly a "Mobile" home ;o))

  6. Love your new home! Enjoy!

    Bruce and Laura

  7. Just found your blog and caught up on some of your posts.
    Yall are really settling in your new home. Looks great.
    Is that River right out your back window.

    Heading over next to start following your blog.
    Mark and Lauree

  8. That is a wonderful view.

    When we got our new motorhome, it took me forever to decide where to put things. I still keep looking for things in the place they were in the old motorhome...but some of those spaces don't exist anymore. You'll get there!

  9. Organizing is an ongoing project. We've been on our fiver almost a year and a half and I am still rearranging things. By the time I get everything where I want it we will probably decide on a new fiver, or maybe not. I agree with the others in that the river looks better now that your house is truly mobile.

  10. When thinking about organizing = consider where you put items in the basement. Len had everything we would need to change tires, etc on the street side. After a few blowouts and flats, realized it was safer to be digging through the basement while standing on the curb side. Finally got it moved last week.

  11. Congratulation on your new home!!! Very well deserved!! Its an exciting time in your life for sure~Organizing is definitely an ongoing project..but a fun one....enjoy your new home for many years to come....

  12. Sounds wonderful! I remember putting things away, taking them out, putting them in different places. It took a while before I had it right. I'm so happy for your both that you are in your new home and getting settled. The view is perfect! :)

  13. Wow those are views you see in campgrounds, state parks and along the highway! Too bad you couldn't pick the S&B up and move it when needed. Cheers! ~M