Sunday, October 9, 2011

Oh yeah, and there's a wedding!

We're getting more settled in..
more about that later.

I've been so busy doing that, 
that yesterday,
it hit me..
that we're getting married
in TWO weeks!!

Yikes ;-)

Again, I need to give
my Mom (and Dad!)
all the credit for
arranging things for us.
I won't have such a nice wedding
without all their help, 
especially since the flood
stuff interrupted everything.

I decided that I didn't 
want a traditional dress..
so online I went about 
a month ago or so.
Ya know, 
when you Google
'casual wedding dress'
you get all kinds of things.

I eventually found a perfect dress,
from a website called 'Lightinthebox'.
Not sure what that means..
but it looked like it would be ideal.

It finally came, and
when I tried it on..
Turns out this was made in China..
and no offense..
but the size that I normally 
wear, and that should have
been no problem..
was two sizes too small.
I know they're small people..

So, now I'm to plan B.
Went online, found another
perfect 'Mother of the Bride' dress.
At David's Bridal.
Went into their store,
and tried on something similar..
so I knew it would fit.
Ordered it online..
it came this week.
It fit perfect, and I like 
it even better!

Sorry for no pictures, 
but you know..
George reads this..
and he can't see the dress before the day!

I shipped the dress, 
along with Heather's dress..
(which matches perfectly!)..
and George's suit..
all to California.

At least I know that it will get
there before we do ;-)


  1. Wow only 12 days! I'd forgotten that you were going to be married in California so I guess the Montana won't get to go on the honeymoon.

  2. I just checked our invitation this morning to see what time the wedding will be. Looking forward to meeting you and George! What a year it has been!

  3. I'm getting nervous already and I'm not even the groom... ;c)

    Paul & Marti

  4. That's funny about the size of the dress from China, but things always work out, and now you have the perfect dress that you like even better. I can't wait to see the photos! :)

  5. How funny shipping wedding attire around! I bought my wedding dress in Scotland and brought it back to the States with me; however, Dave ordered a kilt in Scotland and had it shipped to the States. We kept thinking, "Sure hope it gets here..." It did and all was well! These are such exciting times for you guys . . . literally starting a new life!

  6. We are so excited for you two!! You deserve a beautiful day and a wonderful wedding. We are sending our best wishes for nothing but the best for you two!!

  7. Can't believe it is only 12 days away. We will all be excited to see wedding photos!

  8. how exciting your life has been since the flood (that sure wasn't exciting)...can't wait to see the wedding photos...wishing you both the very best on your big has been fun watching you settle into your new home :)

  9. Can't wait to see your dress and wedding photos!