Sunday, October 9, 2011

Moving in..

We are finally getting adjusted 
to living in a smaller place.

We are getting things put away,

adding some of our own
personality to the spaces..

We did our first full week of
laundry today as well.
Well, yesterday & today.
Since it's a Splendide,
it washes and dries
in the same machine.

We've found out through
trial & error,
that you should only
put in a few items in
at once..
you will be ironing..

...even jeans.

We figured it out by the end.
Looks like we'll be doing
our laundry most every day..
..or so.

George has gotten the
outside looking pretty nice.

We're having a bit of an
Indian summer,
so the modified is getting
nice and ready to
move the Montana over
a few feet.

We'll be glad to be closer
to the sewer connection.
It is a little too far to
hook up the hose,
so our tanks are getting full!


  1. Pretty nice! We won't have a washer/dryer, so I guess I'll be using Laundromats once we are out in the world. I don't think I'll mind. Getting it all done at once works better for me than doing a constant series of small loads. I would tend to forget to take things out!

  2. I'm with Merikay. We have the hook ups but not the machine. I thought like you did that I'd have to do laundry every day and I don't like it THAT much. :-)

    So once a week or 10 days at a laundramat or if we are lucky the park has a laundry. Actually, the truth is, we don't do many laundramats. I try to slip in a park with a laundry at laundry time. Hard when you mostly use National and State Parks but we manage.

  3. I love having the washer-dryer in the motorhome; yeah the loads need to be smaller, but doing laundry more frequently means we get to take fewer clothes with us when we're on the road. Good luck as your wedding day draws nearer; looking forward to seeing photos of the dress.

  4. I love your new home. It is beautiful and looks very homey and comfortable.

    We tried the laundry mat method and now the Splendide method in our new motor home. We very much prefer having our own washer/dryer.

    I wash more items at once, but sometimes take a few items out after the wash cycle and dry the items that might wrinkle by themselves. Mostly my clothes come out wrinkle free. I do a load pretty much every day, but I don't mind because they are small and easy to put away. Also no big pile of dirty clothes!

  5. People who have washer/dryers would not be without one.

    We decided not because of the extra weight and we felt as full timers we really needed the closet space. No regrets. We use Laundromats about once a week or so. Hey - usually in no rush - we have the time.

    Would love to catch up and see your home sometime.

  6. I think I'd be washing those loads again since I refuse to iron, LOL! I like what some say about the smaller loads mean less dirty clothes laying around and less clothes to take on the road. Certainly something to think about.

    Love the personal touches you've made around the "new" home!
    Cheers! ~M

  7. LOL! It took me a couple of tries before I got our w/d combo unit figured out too. I have one set of towels that I have to wash/dry one at a time, because they're so thick. Crazy!! And yes, we end up doing about a load a day -- keeps it manageable and iron free! Everything is looking so good! Just think -- in a couple of months you'll be re-evaluating why you kept some of your stuff!! :)