Saturday, October 15, 2011

Little black flies

One week!
One week from today..
George & I will be married.
We can't wait!

Until then..
we've been working
on things in and around
the Montana.

George worked outside,
cleaning up the property
from stuff left from the flood.

This is the back wall that the
mobile home sat on.

George was kind enough to clean
all the stuff that collected
in the space.
Since we moved the RV
over onto the modified, 
that is now nice and solid,
this is the view I have
from the back window:

Maybe we can sell the 
pushing the fact that
it has a nice RV hookup!

George wrapped the water pipes
to keep them from freezing this winter.

So now to the flies..
apparently we have
been inundated with
the dreaded
sewer flies.

Well, we think they're
sewer flies.
They don't look like the
sewer flies that I found by
'googling' flies.
They're tiny little guys..
not fruit flies,
(we have them too!)

We poured a mixture of
bleach (1/8 cup) and water, 
down the toilet, 
into the black tank.

Not sure if this will do the trick.
They're driving us batty.
That's what we need..
a bat :-)

**any of you RVrs that have had this issue...
please let us know what to do**



  1. Are the flies coming from the toilet? Are you keeping the valve closed until the tank is full?

    By all means advertise the property with an rv pad. That was one of the reasons the people bought our property. You never know.

  2. Boy I have no idea. I've never heard of sewer flies. Hope you find out what's up here and can let us all know.

  3. Hey Laurie and George, When you're in Moss Landing, look us up at the KOA in site number 1. Good luck with those sewer flies. I've never even heard of them!

  4. The only little flies I've seen were in the warmer weather and they were swarming everywhere, especially in Idaho. As soon as it cooled down they were gone. They were like tiny gnats. Nothing to do with the sewer, though, no full hookups where I was. I hope you can get rid of them, they can be a pain!

    That's a beautiful view out your window. :)

  5. We are bothered with the other pests too. STINK BUGS! Surely they've invaded your space up there. Daughter and a friend in MD started complaining two years ago. Then they moved into NJ. We had them in VA. We have them here in PA.

    Only one week? That time flew.

  6. We have never had flies from the black water tank. I assume you leave the valve closed except for dumping? Generally accepted practice is to never leave it open. All kinds of things can crawl into the tank, not to mention the building of the mount of stuff that turns into something like cement that is nearly impossible to get out:(