Monday, October 17, 2011

Getting packed

Since Wednesday morning 
we are flying to California, 
we decided that today 
was the day we better 
start getting packed!

George brought the suitcases
out of the basement of the RV..
and we proceeded to go
through all our clothes.

Before we did that, 
we took a look at the 10 day
forecast for the area 
where we will be staying.
Beautiful weather!
So we packed mostly
warm-weather clothes,
and a few things 
for the cooler nights.
Of course we shipped 
our wedding clothes via UPS.
While we had all our clothes out, 
we packed away our
shorts, tee-shirts,
and other summer wear.
We had bought 'space bags'
to save space.
George watching football while packing :-)
They are great!
They make all these tee-shirts..

In this bag..

Get very flat..

Now all summer clothing,
2 pillows & extra comforter quilt,
are stored under the bed,
with room to spare!

Hopefully they won't be
too wrinkled when they
come out next spring :-)


  1. They are amazing little bags!! But sure hope you don't get a hole in them while they are under the bed or there could be a major explosion taking place ;o)) LOL

    Big day is just around the corner. Safe travels and hope your wedding day is wonderful!!

  2. Yikes! I just wrote a whole post and it went flying off into space.

    Bottom line was - only four more days. WOW!

  3. I use those bags to store my quilting kits/projects, too -- they work great. Have a safe trip and enjoy your wedding day -- whoohoo!!! :)

  4. I packed our winter things in space bags and also wondered how wrinkled they would be when we unpacked them. They sure save space.

  5. So exciting the day is almost here. The day will be perfect no matter what the weather (but perfect weather would be nice). :)

  6. How did George concentrate on packing while wathcing football? He's a multi tasker for sure!

    Have a safe trip, the day is almost here! :c)

  7. Glad that the weather looks so promising for your trip. Have a wonderful time!! I can't wait to read all about it! :)

  8. Wonder if I'm using the same bags. Mine shrink down great but over time the air comes back in.
    Hope yours do better.

    You must be SO excited!!

  9. those bags are great...but I also found they do lose air over exciting only a few more days!!! cant wait to see the wedding pictures....hope all goes smooth...good luck...!!!

  10. I see an exciting trip in the near future for you. Enjoy!

  11. I'm so glad that things seem to be so much better after the flood. Your fifth wheel looks really nice. Happy wedding.

  12. We use those bags too. They really save on space.

    Wishing you beautiful weather on your wedding day.

  13. I hope that you have great weather for the wedding. I would love to come but don't know where it is in Salinas. Anyway, enjoy it!