Saturday, October 1, 2011

Exhausting day - but...

today was the day..

This morning we woke up, 
knowing that today,
we would be sleeping
in our own bed,
in our new..
Montana 3700RL.

First things first..
we had breakfast 
with some new found friends..
Neil & Nancy Savage.
We met them at the Tennessee rally.
They live near Hershey,
and are much needed moral support :-)

It was soon our time for the fun to begin.

First, they started installing
the hitch & brake controller in
the truck...

..while we got the walk-through
in the Montana.

We had a great gentleman, 
named Jim,
who did a VERY
thorough explanation 
of everything.

Including showing us 
a drawer FULL of

...for everything,
except flushing the
toilet :-)

Soon, we were shown
how to hitch up,
and level up.

Then they sent us on our way.


I was very nervous, but
George handled it like he'd
done it all his life.

We drove a few miles
to Hershey High Meadows Campground,
where we are spending two nights, 
to get used to how everything works.

We put some things away, 
made the bed,
and went to Wal-Mart..
(where every good RVr goes).

When we got back, 
we fixed some dinner..

sat in front of the TV
and had a nice meal.

Tomorrow we'll enjoy putting
more things away, then
rearranging what we do have in here.

Tonight it's nice just to relax, 
hear the rain on the roof
of our new home!


  1. What a BIG step! I know you must be soo excited.
    CONGRATULATIONS!! The Montana looks great on your truck.

  2. Beautiful RIG! So glad to see that Chevy. We have looked at the Montana's too, They are really nice. We guys look great in your new home.
    Happy Travels to YOU!

  3. How exciting! Takes me back to our first rig--but it wasn't nearly as nice as yours!

  4. Congratulations!!! You have a great looking rig. Enjoy it, relax, and have fun.

  5. Oh Happy Day!! We are so excited for you two. I know you are exhausted but what a great day!!

    What a wonderful truck and 5th is a beauty. We wish you the best of luck and happiness with your new home:o))

  6. Sorry about the comment removals ... I wish Safari would just let me fix my own typos instead of interpreting them ... here's the comment as it should have been:

    Nice to be in your home on wheels ... and a glass of wine to celebrate ... nice indeed.

  7. Awesome!! Congrats! We can't wait to see the new place! Have a great time settlin' in. :)

  8. Congrats on the new rig. Now the real fun begins!

  9. Congratulations!! It is beautiful!

  10. This was the first step on your new life. Enjoy. It's a beautiful rig.

  11. I am soooo happy for you guys! What fun it is settling in to a new rig/home. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy! Doing a Happy Dance for you guys. You certainly deserve it!

  12. Looking good you two, We know you will enjoy your new home. It looks really nice, rest up for the road ahead.

  13. So excited for you...congratulations!!!

  14. HEY! This is great news. I've haven't been able to be online much the last couple of days so I am playing catchup. We spent a few days at Highmeadow a few years ago. Nice park.

    We are in VA. Parked next to us on each side is a MONTANA. Parked across from us is a - you guessed it - a MONTANA. I suppose you entered the ranks of the biggest selling RV owner club. Enjoy!

    Waiting to hear how those first few nights felt.