Sunday, October 30, 2011


I have no pictures to share.
We are stuck in Detroit.
We were flying home yesterday,
San Jose, 
to Minneapolis, 
to Detroit, 
to Wilkes-Barre.
since the northeast
had an unprecedented
October snowstorm...
we were stuck in Detroit.

We have no luck when
we fly!

We got a room at a Day's Inn.
Not such a good place..
but it was cheap :-)

We fly out this afternoon
at 3:46..and should be
home to our RV
by 5:30 tonight.
Not what we hoped
as I have to go to work
on Monday.

I hate flying!


  1. Ah bummer -- on the bright side, at least the messy weather and delays are on this end of the trip, not the beginning of it! Safe travels! :)

  2. Ughh! Hope the rest of your trip goes off without a hitch, so you can get home and have a little time before you head back to work!

  3. Soon you'll be RVing and flying will be history!! Hope you find the snow all melted when you get there.

    I assume 306 days to full timing means 306 until you retire which is only about 218 working days even if you worked up to the day you leave. Doesn't that perk you up Mrs.Owen?

  4. I like what Sherry said. Now that is a GOOD attitude!

  5. Let's hope you get out on time today with no more delays. I hate flying too - there is nothing better than traveling in the old RV - whenever possible.

  6. Oh...bummer! Who would have thought snow would get in the way?! I hope all goes well getting home today. Not fun not to have some relaxing time before going back to work.

  7. Hope you are able to get out on time today! I hate flying too!!

  8. Trust me, I feel your (flying) pain. I've been stuck in airports all over the world, which is another reason I love my RV. If I never see another airline seat...

    Back to work Monday, but it is another day off the countdown clock!

  9. We thought about you last night, wondering if you made it home or not.

  10. Hope you get out and home today. Just remember those warm sunny California days to keep you warm.

  11. It's too bad your nice trip had to end on a sour note. Soon you'll be rolling down the highway in your RV and flying, with all of its annoyances, will be a thing of the past!

  12. Hope all goes well today and the flight leaves..we flew in Saturday night and just go in ahead of the storm...good luck