Sunday, October 30, 2011


I have no pictures to share.
We are stuck in Detroit.
We were flying home yesterday,
San Jose, 
to Minneapolis, 
to Detroit, 
to Wilkes-Barre.
since the northeast
had an unprecedented
October snowstorm...
we were stuck in Detroit.

We have no luck when
we fly!

We got a room at a Day's Inn.
Not such a good place..
but it was cheap :-)

We fly out this afternoon
at 3:46..and should be
home to our RV
by 5:30 tonight.
Not what we hoped
as I have to go to work
on Monday.

I hate flying!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Vacation is sliding to a stop..

Since my last post 
on Tuesday (Dated Wednesday)..
we took Heather to
the airport to fly home
on Wednesday morning.
We then stopped at Camping World..
to check out some 'stuff'.
We didn't buy anything,
as we will take advantage
of a generous gift card
and free shipping,
after we get home.

Yesterday, Thursday..
we took both my sons
out for lunch to see them
one last time for awhile.

Our next visit was to 
see Levonne
as she is staying in Moss Landing.

Her lovely dog, Gingee

After sharing a nice cup of coffee..
we made our way north to 
Los Gatos, 
to spend a nice time with
in their lovely home.

We sat and had some wine..

while Merikay explained her

We sat outside and talked
with Craig about
all things wine & RV.

Soon it was time to eat!
Craig sliced a nice roast,
and we had brussel sprouts,
mashed potatoes,
and good sour dough bread.

So nice to meet another blog friend!
We are hoping someday to
see them down the road.

Tomorrow we go home..
and it looks like we'll be flying
into SNOW.
After this week of 70 degree, SUN,
and a beautiful time..
we are not ready for reality.

For those of you asking to see
wedding pictures...
you can click on this link 
to see them all..

or here's a few teasers..

Austin walking me down the aisle

Happy couple!

Heather, me, George, Adam & Austin

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Showing the Pennsylvanians California

Excuse the posting date...
my blogger thinks I'm on 
east coast time!

Yesterday, Monday..
George, Heather, and I drove up
to Fremont, CA, and then hopped on
BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit)
 up to San Francisco.

George and Heather
have not been there before,
and I hadn't been there
in over 20 years.. being in the 
1989 World Series earthquake!

We hoofed it down to
Fisherman's Wharf first.

We then bought tickets to
the 2 hour 'hop-on, hop-off'
tour bus..
so we could see the city
on our butts :-)

We saw the cable cars..


and of course the 
Golden Gate bridge..
my favorite..

San Francisco is so beautiful..
there are the 'painted ladies'.

After the bus tour we got back
to Fisherman's Wharf,
and ate dinner at Alioto's.

Now there is today...
Big Sur

If you've never been 
to California, and you
get the chance...
be sure to drive 30 minutes south
of Monterey..
on highway 1
to Big Sur.
These pictures do NOT do it justice.
The sun wasn't out from the fog
yet they're a little flat.

We stopped at Nepenthe's restaurant..

and had good eats,
under colorful umbrellas,

outside, with this
beautiful view:

Isn't this nice!?

Monday, October 24, 2011

Wine tasting

my Dad took us on the 
wine tour.
George & I rented a van
so that all of us could fit 
in one big vehicle.
Both my sons,
their girlfriends,
my parents,
and I went.

The weather was beautiful..
we started out at
Marilyn Remark

They have the cutest 'wine dogs'..

Of course we did some tasting there..

Our next stop was Talbott Vineyards.
They also make ties :-)

We took some cheese & crackers
to munch on in between tastings.

My kids took a little stroll...

while my Dad gave
Heather 'Vineyard 101' lessons!

Our last stop was to Hahn Vineyards.
They're one of my favorite wines.

The wine pourer was very attentive,
helping my boys decide which one to buy.


Off the back of the winery 
is this beautiful view of 
the valley..
We had a great time with
our family today.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Mr & Mrs Owen!

Well, today was the big day!

The sun shined on us even...

Heather and I got ready..

George, my Mom, and Dad..
worked on the tables..

My Mom helped with the cake..

The wedding went without a hitch!
I will have pictures later in the week!

We had some nice guests..
Susan from Susan and Company
were nice enough to come!
We came home to my parents..
to talk and to open some
nice cards from our friends.

Once we were finished...
we made our way to
Phil's Fish Market.
Both my sons, their girlfriends,
my cousin Kalene,
Mom & Dad, 
and Heather all came.
Phil even came by and 
wished us a happy marriage!

The photographer will have
digital pictures later this week..
so I'll post some of those later.

Tomorrow, wine tasting!!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Day of pampering

What a nice day!
This morning, Heather & I
were treated to pedicures
and manicures,
compliments of Mom.

It was a relaxing day spa,
so got nice treatments
of both hands & feet
for the BIG day.

My cousin, Kalene,
came in from Morro Bay.

She's currently crocheting
a hooded scarf ;-)

She took me for a ride
to Michael's..
and bought me this..
..and made me wear it all day!

My son, Austin and his
girlfriend, Natalie,
are on the way from
the San Francisco airport.
Adam is picking them up.
Can't wait to see them all!! 2 pm,
pacific coast time,
we will be married!!

(I changed the was off due
to the fact that it was posted on east coast time)