Thursday, September 8, 2011

September flood

 Irene, Lee, Katia..

The power of water.

Although TS Lee didn't dump water on us,
and Hurricane Katia decided to join the party  
further east in the Atlantic..
the two of them together 
made a squeeze-play,
and funneled over 8" of rain into our area
over a 3 day period.
This caused the Susquehanna
to slowly (then fast!) rise..
from .5' to crest at 40'.

Unfortunately, as in previous flood posts,
the house takes on water in the basement,
starting at about 30'.

Last night we got some help,
and got a lot of our stuff upstairs,
and our furniture in a truck from work.

All cleared out. Fridge in background is on milk crates
 After everything was where we thought
it would be 'safe' from water..
I took off, and spent
the night at Heather's house.
George stuck it out
until about noon today.
He took a picture on his way out..
was taken out by boat!

Here's a few shots of around the house..

Road going out..blocked in!

From's almost in.
Starting to pour in.

Water up to the patio roof..chairs on top for safety!

White house on right is ours.
The above picture was taken about noon.
As of this writing, the river
hasn't crested, about 2 more feet yet.
We won't be able to go back to the 
house until Sunday at best.
Hopefully all that's ruined
is carpet, drywall, and an appliance or two.

The rest we were getting rid of anyway..
just not this way!!


  1. Oh my stars my heart aches for you...I have had a house previously that took on water...what a crying shame and its almost in my books as destructive as fire...what nature can wrath upon us ...good luck....will be watching for updates....I'm so sorry for you

  2. Oh no im so sorry to hear this! The floods are pretty bad here also but we've been spared so far at home. Hoping the damage is very minimal!! Go away rain!

  3. Wow, scary photos and it is not over yet. I wish we could help in some way. Love you two and hang in there.


  4. On no! After all the sprucing up you've been doing and now this.

    Keeping our fingers crossed that the damage will be minimal and you can get everything fixed quickly. You've got too much going on with the wedding to have this hassle.

  5. Does flood insurance come with the ridiculously large deductible as earthquake insurance does?

    My heart goes out to you, but I'm glad you are both safe.

  6. Oh no -- we're so sorry to hear this, especially after all the time and hard work that you've put into it! We sincerely hope that any damage done is very minor. Stay safe.

  7. So sorry this had to happen :o(( Just glad you had time to move some things and get our of dodge!!

    Your in our thoughts....stay safe!!!

  8. We are glad you guys are okay. Hopefully the repairs will be minimal and you can get this behind you as soon as possible. We are thinking of you, stay safe!

  9. We've been thinking of you. Were glad when Irene was kind to you. Was hoping that was the last of it. And now this.... Living on waterfront property has advantages and can be so lovely. But then when something such as this occurs, it becomes such a trial. So much going on in your life now. Hopefully you're able to keep the stress to a minimum. Take care.

  10. So glad you are ok. Flooding can be so devastating and so happen so fast. Hope the water goes down soon.

  11. Jessica and I are so sorry to hear that this happened. But we are glad you were able to get most things out of harms way and that you are both safe.

  12. late reading this blog... but hope all works out and damage is minimal...

  13. I'm reading your posts backwards so I hadn't seen the pictures yet. I'm so sorry. How helpless you must have felt to see the water coming into your house.