Thursday, September 1, 2011

One more year!?

Well, according to our countdown,
we have one year from today
to get out there and enjoy this
country of ours.

So, we have lots to do!
Not necessarily in exact order :-)

  1. Get married!
  2. Put house on market & sell
  3. Buy fifth wheel
  4. Put hitch on truck
  5. Make sure any debt is paid off
  6. Sign George up for social security
  7. Get rid of household furniture & stuff
  8. Secure health insurance
  9. Join Good Sam's & Passport America
  10. Put resume on
Of course the list on our fridge is much more
detailed, and longer than this one.

We hope that everything comes 
together, and that this time
next year,
we'll be waving goodbye
to the stix & brix..
and hello
to a lifetime on the road!


  1. well it looks like you figured out what was number one...

  2. First things first...less than 50 days to the WEDDING!! We are so excited for you both:o))

  3. you will be there before you know it :)....happy wedding planning..the rest will fall into place

  4. A year goes by fast. You have a busy year ahead and your list will dwindle down and you will be on the road before you know it. Then you will be amazed on how it did all fall into place!

  5. The rate my house sale is going (or not going) you'll probably beat me into full timing!

  6. If you have trouble selling your house you can lease it like I'm doing. Just a thought.

  7. One thing at a time and you'll just click them off. A year will go more quickly than you even imagine.

  8. Look at us! We pick up our dream Motorhome on Tuesday. No house on the market. What are we doing? Oh well, if we get the steps mixed up we can still have fun. Don't wait.

  9. It'll all come together, and you'll be out on the road before you know it!

  10. I can remember when I was counting down the days. I had a calendar posted on my office wall and each day a day was crossed off in red. When that calendar showed only a year, WOW! Just you two wait until it becomes UNDER 100 days. What a feeling.

  11. Wow! It is going by so quickly!! When you hit the road in Sept., we will have four months left until we list the house. Hopefully we won't be far behind you.

    Love your list! Don't you love crossing stuff off? :)

  12. Love your list, keeping checking things off.

  13. My list was similar, sans the getting married, just doing it a different order. Got rid of the stuff, the house, got the 5ver, then the truck, parked it and moved in, then took the training class (so glad I did that. I am enjoying the full time living and learning all about my home before I retire in early 2012.