Saturday, September 24, 2011

More preparations, Red Cross, and MRE's

This flood stuff is never-ending.
Since we are forced into downsizing
sooner than we thought..
we have been putting feelers
out to anyone looking for 
some gently used furniture.

As luck would have it, 
our friends Alex & Nicki
are buying some of it!

We borrowed the box truck from work..

and loaded up the furniture 
for them to get it out of the 
upstairs of the house.

We are so impressed with
the American Red Cross.
Between them and Salvation Army, 
we have been provided lunch, dinner, 
and cleaning and sanitary supplies.

I gave them hugs today, 
for all their help.
George gave this volunteer
one of our rose buds, 
which are blooming, 
despite being under 6' of water!

One of the things they bring
around are MRE's..
'Meals-ready to eat'.
They're the exact ones our military use.
We decided to try them..

We shared them with Nicki & Alex..
the consensus was
that they were ok, but
nothing like a home cooked meal.

We had a guy come and scrap 
the mobile home, and he's almost done.

George has all the things needed
to hook up electric, sewer, 
and water..
so that our RV can be in the same
footprint as the mobile home.
For the next while,
we'll have a nice view of the
same destructive river,
but from the comfort of our home on wheels.


  1. Will They house be torn down as well? Can you sell it? Can you sell the land? Had FEMA proposed anything, or will it take months?

  2. Living on the river as we are now, it has been good to know we have been able to move to higher ground when needed lately. I hope you'll have that same peace of mind with your new home!

  3. Don't like those MREs too much, they average about 3000 calories each. If they tasted better, then the calories might be worth it.

    I've eaten my fair share and agree they don't hold a candle to home cooking!

  4. I'm glad you have a place for your new home. The wheels move slowly once the flood waters subside but glad to see you are doing ok.

  5. Wow, you sure have accomplished a lot in a small amount of time!! Wishing you nothing but good times ahead:o))

  6. I love the perfection of out goes the mobile home and voila a pad for the motor home.

    Hope the house will be OK.........what amazing roses. Nature never gives up. She taketh away and she giveth.

  7. What a perfect place to put your new fifth wheel.

    I'm glad the Red Cross has been helping everyone. I sure hope you had flood insurance.