Saturday, September 3, 2011

Lunch with friends

Never say that George and I won't
travel to see friends!
When we found out that
would be within a few hours drive of us..
we just had to go and see them.

They were 'moochdocking' 
in one of their friends' driveways.
Howard & Linda are preparing
for their second rally this year,
in Hershey, PA, which starts in 8 days.

I plugged the address in our GPS,
and had no problem finding their fifth-wheel
in the driveway of this nice housing development.

We sat in their rig, 
and talked about our plans,
their lifestyle, and all things 'full-time'.

We were all getting hungry, 
so we headed off for something to eat.
Their friends suggested a pizza place
not too far from there.

The pizza was pretty good!
We had a great time talking about
all kinds of things,
and getting to know them better.

We are hoping to meet up with 
them after the rally in a few weeks.

George & I aren't going to this one,
but we are going to the Hershey RV show
so we can start shopping :-)


  1. I shopped for three years, then when we were ready the right one just came along. I know you are planning to order a new fiver, so you can pick out what you want in advance. Have fun.

  2. Well alrighty then ;o))

    What fun to get together with Howard and Linda!!

    Enjoy the show it is a nice one........

  3. Looks like you guys had a nice visit. Have fun at the RV show shopping!

  4. Had I known their Rally would be in Hershey sooner, we probably would have arranged our schedule to allow us to attend.

    As we've told you, we find it dangerous to go to RV shows. Two months after we bought our Montana we went to Atlantic City Show and saw a Cedar Creek we liked more and at a cheaper price. RATS!

  5. What good timing. It is so fun to have time with RV friends. We got to meet Howard and Linda at last years Escapade. Have fun shopping!

  6. That looks like you had a great day. H & L are truly some of the nicest, most generous people we've ever met, and you had them all to yourselves.

    We're going to miss the Hershey show this year, we're taking my Dad and SIL Gail to Branson, MO for the week.

    Have a great time shopping at the show, just be careful of those wheels that kick back at you... ;c)

  7. Moochdocking...that's a new one. It made me laugh.

  8. Howard and Linda - definitely worth the drive!
    I know you had a great time.

  9. Glad to hear that you have met H & L. Great people, I met them a few years ago when they were in CA. They helped me with my researching then.