Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Days after..

The last couple of days have been a blur..

We've taken things out of the
house, and piled it all on the street,
for the dump trucks to haul away. 

It's weird recognizing your 'stuff'
in shards & pieces.

We took some stuff out of the 
upstairs that we need in the near future,
the rest we've left there for now.

The mobile home is all cleaned out,
and will be condemned.

FEMA came today, and asked all
the questions they ask.

They rolled off the 
square feet of the house.

Local dignitaries & our congressman
came to show their support (or to be seen..!)

Even Salvation Army came
and brought spaghetti.
It was great!
I was too busy eating to 
take a picture.

So now, our next step is 
to wait and see what FEMA decides.
The code enforcement officer
is coming around to inspect the houses tomorrow.

We're supposed to find out
what aid we will get by Monday.

In the meantime,
we're going to the Hershey RV show.
We're going to relax,
shop for our new home,
and try not to think about what
we lost..
and think about what we are gaining..


  1. that is one hard way to downsize... hope it all works out for you...

  2. What a great attitude you both have. I admire your moving on with your life. Glad you have each other!

    On to Hershey!

  3. I was thinking the same as heyduke50...what a hard way to downsize. I hope you enjoy the RV show.

  4. The photos really tell the story, don't they. Just devastating. The tractor scooping up appliances - such a sad photo.
    I hope you have a good time at the RV show and find the perfect rig. :)

  5. Things happen for a reason, but it doesn't make it any easier. We're sending you virtual hugs and support. You'll be stronger coming out of this.

  6. Go to the RV show, relax, and have fun. Good luck shopping for your new home. Now you'll have more stories to tell around the campfire...

  7. What a mess...we are so sorry!! You get a free pass to join the Carolina Clan next year and you can keep George when you get him ;o))

    All kidding aside, we know this is tough, but we also know you two. You will make lemonade out of this lemon!!

    Hugs to you both......

  8. Sorry to hear of your loss...encouraged by your attitude and optimism.

  9. It will be good to have a change of scenery ... esp. since you're in a holding pattern until you hear back from FEMA.

  10. Love your attitude! Can't wait to hear if you found your perfect new home.

  11. So very sorry that you had to deal with this flooding. The important thing is that you two are O.K.

  12. My heart really goes out to you. That is a really tough way to downsize but your attitude is commendable. Try to relax and have fun shopping for your next home at the show.

  13. Hope that you find your new home soon. Enjoy the show.

  14. Those are compelling pictures. We hope that FEMA comes thru for you. Enjoy the search for your new home, which can take you away from these kinds of events in the future:)