Friday, September 30, 2011


It's been another one of those weeks..

Lots of preparations..
getting the property ready to
bring our new home on 
wheels to her temporary location.

Getting modified brought in
so she can have a level spot to 
park it in..

Doing laundry at the 
for perhaps the last time..

We packed things that we need
to stay in the RV for the weekend, 
as well as for the few days after.
The truck was packed to the gills!

We drove down to stay
tonight at the Grantville Holiday Inn.
This is where we are going to
take possession of our new
2012 Montana 3700RL.
We are so excited!

We checked in,
then walked to behind the hotel, 
where they have all the new
RVs staged and ready to hookup.

We walked around until we found
our home!

Tomorrow morning we
get the hitch installed
in the truck,
get our walk through..
then hitch up & go!

We are staying 2 nights
at the Hershey HighMeadows
so that we can get used 
to her a bit..
before taking it home!


  1. This is SO exciting. I know you two are just on cloud 9 now and that the new home will be just right for you. What a year you are having!
    The Flood, the 5th wheel, the wedding, and starting your full timing life. WOW!

  2. Yee Ha! How wonderful to see your dreams turning into reality. We wish you the best of luck and much happiness with your new home.

    We might have to swing up and get the grand tour, we're always looking for a new destination to go to. ;c)

  3. What a wonderful pre wedding gift!

  4. Enjoy this time and take lots of pictures. This is a big step in the right direction. We are so happy for you two. Have fun!!!

  5. Congratulations!!! A great day. Enjoy and best wishes.

  6. I have been behind in reading blogs and didn't know about the flood! I'm so happy that you're getting your new home though. We lived in ours 6 months while we were waiting to sell the house...never missed the house a bit!

  7. I am so excited for you. It is funny how life has a way of changing our plans but it all works out and now you will get your new home sooner and have a chance to really get to know it before taking off on the road full time!