Saturday, August 27, 2011

Waitin' for Irene

Since we may see some of Irene
later tonight and all day tomorrow..
we decided to do our normal Sunday
things today... shopping, wash,
the normal domestic stuff.

Since George's daughter, Heather
celebrated her birthday on Monday,
 we chose to take her out to lunch today.

She picked a great little
place called

George being a goof!

The food was terrific. I had a
Canteen 900 Signature.
 This was only half!

We celebrated with coconut cream
& peach cream cupcakes. Yum!

Now we're home,
watching the Weather channel
for Irene updates.
We took the hanging plants,
windchimes, and
decorative flag off
of the front porch of the house.

Tomorrow morning, 
we should have lots of rain & wind!

Stay safe everyone who is in her path..


  1. Always fun celebrating a birthday. And always good to do it ahead of time so the birthday girl gets multiple celebrations. Was that REALLY only half of the sandwich? You'll be eating on that for a week!!

  2. It's raining here already. Should be an interesting day or two - hopefully it will be much less than anticipated!

  3. Oh my! Do they just automatically serve doggy bags with their sandwiches?? Happy birthday to Heather!

    Hope Irene doesn't give you any trouble on her way through!

  4. You two look so happy! It's a nice picture.

  5. What a great day!! Happy Birthday Heather:o))

    Just be prepared for lots of rain...hope the river does not get too high;o((

    Stay Safe.........

  6. WOW! What a sandwich.

    I was thinking about you two and the river behind the house. Getting lots of rain here tonight. Probably we are really not that far from you.

  7. Hope Irene was as easy on you as she was on us!

    Lovely picture of you and Heather!

  8. quite the sandwich....hope Irene doesn't cause you too much trouble...please update us so we will know your safe..