Sunday, August 14, 2011

Lazy weekend - but some preparations made

Saturday & Sunday.
Our days off,
which end with the dreaded
feeling of Monday & back to work.

We had nothing planned to do
this weekend.
Our bikes were calling us
to go for a ride..
but the rain yesterday and today,
shut us out.

Yesterday, I got all my CD's
and burned them onto a flash drive.

I can play all my music off of my laptop.
Now I can box them up and
sell them on Second Spin.
All you have to do
is enter the CD title (or UPC)
on the site, and they
pay you for them plus shipping.
It's not much, but more than yard sale :-)
This will save lots of room in the rig.

Today was spent addressing
invitations to the wedding.
We're not sending a lot out, 
as the ceremony will be in California.
We're getting married in my 
old home church, my parents still attend there.
They will put an open invitation in the bulletin
right before the wedding.
I called both  my sons to find out
about their plans.
We can't believe it's almost here!

The other exciting thing we did
was to make hotel reservations 
to stay in Hershey, PA
for the RV Show
that is in September.
Although we don't plan on buying one THERE..
we will be able to look at some more
models, and especially the Montana
model that we think we want to buy.

We're also looking forward to
NEXT weekend, 
and visiting Harry & Jessica!!


  1. I imagine it's difficult to have to go to work now that George has retired. If you have 383 days until you hit the road, how many days until you retire?

  2. the time will pass faster than you realize :) Good luck with the wedding plans...

  3. Boyu that wedding countdown clock is spinning fast. Hopefully all your plans will not cause too much stress and you'll have a wonderfull time.

  4. Sounds like you have some fun stuff coming up in the next couple months. Best wishes for a wonderful wedding!!

  5. Lots of great things to look forward too! Give Harry and Jessica a hug from us.

  6. The date is definitely getting closer. Can tell how excited you are - we all are excited for you too!!

  7. an RV show in! We love going to RV shows, maybe we'll be making a trip there too (always fun to see what else is out there!). Bet you can't wait to be married- it'll be here so fast!

  8. Hey! Had we known the four of you were headed to Lake George, we would have stayed a few days more in the area. Oh well. Have fun!

  9. How big a flash drive did you have to have to put on all your CDs?? That is definitely something I need to do. Thanks for the tip about how to sell them more easily. I hated doing yard sales.

    Addressing invitations must have been very exciting.