Sunday, August 28, 2011

Just like boondocking

So we survived Irene!

She started raining & blowing
her wind around 2 am.

Left a lot of leaves & twigs everywhere..

At about 10:30 am, 
we suddenly lost power.
Not a problem, as it is Sunday,
not night time YET.
Kept up on everything
through my smartphone.

After a couple hours, 
George decided to take
a spin around the blocks
to see if he could figure out
why the power was out.

Part of a big tree had split
and fallen on the wires.
This is the road leading back
to George's house.

When the power hadn't gone on
for the 4th hour..
George got his generator
out and plugged it in 
to the fridge, to keep it running.

He was just plugging in the TV around the 6th hour, 
when the power was restored.

I thought it was a nice day!
No power, so no TV,
no computer..
just reading the old fashioned way.
and napping ;-)

Now we know what it's like to boondock!


  1. But remember, boondockers use generators too!
    Unless they are so cool they have solar. :-)
    We're not that cool YET.

    Glad you had no damage from the storm and minimal power outage.

  2. Power outages are so common here in the mountains during the winter months that we have a whole house generator that cones on automatically when power goes out. It runs on propane, but it is very expensive to run it for many days. Two winter ago we were down for almost a week and we burned thru close to a $700 in propane. The electric company gave every one a $150 check for compensation!

    For years we struggled along with a gas one that we had to connect. So often by the time we got it going the power would come back on!

  3. Here in this part of PA there are power outages all around us. INCLUDING US. We lost power 4 am and it is now 6:40 pm. We are told it will be 5-7 days! Hopefully we will be heading out tomorrow but really not optimistic.

    Yea, those generators do come in handy, don't they?

  4. Got to love having a generator. Of course if George had not set it up, you'd have been without power for a week!

    Glad all is well with you both. Now get back to those wedding preps! :c)

  5. Glad to hear all is well. How is the river behind your place? All we hear is how everything is flooded!! Hope that is not a problem where you are.

    We went through Hugo in 1989 and did not have a generator!! We were without power for 17 days. That was really like tent camping...don't ever want to do that again!!!!

  6. The river will crest tomorrow at 20'..flood stage is 22. Amazing, since yesterday it was at 1/2 a foot!

  7. Glad you weren't without power for too long. The peace and quiet is nice, but we sure do enjoy our electricity!

  8. how dependent we become on power and electronics...nice to have an old fashioned day every now and then glad you are safe and sound from Irene...

  9. Glad to hear you are ok, glad you got your power restored. Hope the river stays below flood stage. That was a wicked storm.