Thursday, July 7, 2011

Wedding plans

105 days.

George and I will 
getting married!

We've started the preparations.
My wonderful Mom 
is helping from California.

We are getting married out there..
such a beautiful place to be wed!

My Mom has arranged to get the flowers..
I'm going to carry a single long-stemmed rose.
We're going to have a cake reception
with a simple
two-tier wedding cake..
I picked:

Top tier - Lemon Raspberry - white cake, lemon mousseline cream and raspberries
Bottom tier - Praline -
white cake soaked in a bit of run, praline mousseline cream, covered with sliced almonds
Sheet cake - Ganache -
chocolate cake, ganache filling and frosting

George has asked my older son, Adam,
to be his best man.
Heather, George's daughter,
is my maid of honor..
and my youngest son, Austin, 
will walk me down the aisle :-)

We can't believe how quickly 
the time has gone by.

It wasn't that long ago..
that we were engaged.

More preparations to come!


  1. It is going to be a joyous day and it will be here before you know it, Have fun with the planning! :)

  2. It sounds li?ke it is going to be a lovely wedding.

  3. Sounds wonderful!! I wish we were closer! Your invitation is beautiful. :)

  4. The cakes sound wonderful....what fun! When Phil and I married, we invited lots of friends and neighbors and asked that they not bring gifts, since we already had everything that we really needed. We told them that if they insisted, to only bring a bottle of wine or a rock for our yard. We ended up with some really nice wines and awesome rocks!

  5. Your cake sounds delicious! Have fun with your wedding plans!

  6. You bet that time is going fast. It seems like such a very short time ago you announced the engagement.


  7. Wow,it'll be here before you know it. Make sure you take the time to enjoy the preparations. :c)

  8. I can feel the excitement in your post. How will you get to California? And what's up for the Honeymoon?

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