Sunday, July 24, 2011

Selling 'stuff' & more RV fund money!

Productive weekend!

We started off on Friday night,
after a long work week..
for ME anyway..
going to Olive Garden.

Saturday was spent doing a
quick clean of the house..
because it was time :-)
Even though it's smaller 
than my house was,
I'll be glad when all I have
to clean is a fifth-wheel.

A lot of Saturday was spent
going through more 'stuff'.
Now we're going through
things in the house..
knick-knacks and the like.
George has a safe,
and in it, much to my surprise, 
was two bank bags full of

Not just any green stuff, mind you..

Nice, shiny, silver stuff!
Since I was researching things
to sell on E-Bay, I looked up
all the shiny things.
Lots of work putting them up on E-bay.
So we found a place nearby that
buys/sells/trades, silver, gold,

We took all the shiny things
to them, where they sorted
them all out.
Did you know that silver is
at a good price now?
$894 good ;-)

George was so happy!
He did decide to buy
something with his loot.
A new Citizens Eco-Drive watch.

(I told him we're trying to get RID of things!)
but..he's always wanted one.

He promised he would get rid of
some of the 10 watches.
They're on E-bay now..
along with some of my watches.

Who needs a watch when you are retired??


  1. WOW you guys made a haul. I'd say you are doing well if George traded owning 10 watches for owning one. Now you don't have to wear one, you can ask him what time it is if you ever want to know. That's what I do. Ask the guy with the watch.

  2. Finding I would clean up more often if that happened;o)))

    Love the new photo of the two of you!!!

  3. nothing better than finding money

  4. Our son-in-law collects watches too. Looks like you had a productive day there.

  5. Great new picture! Hope you get a good return for the watches on Ebay. That fiver will be here before you know it! :c)

  6. Woo hoo! That's a great return on your shiny things!

  7. I love your new photo. Looking good!!!