Saturday, July 9, 2011

Nice day for the Sea Eagle

Today was going to be
a nice, sunny, hot day.
After some house cleaning,
we loaded up the Sea Eagle, 
and drove up to 
Frances Slocum State Park.

This is the first time
this season we have
gotten out the Sea Eagle.

We bought a small air pump,
but it didn't work very well.
We ended up using
the foot pump anyway.

I took up the front...I did row too!

George behind me..

There were quite a few
people out on the lake.

Very nice day!

On the way home, we stopped
off at Blue Ribbon Dairy.

We had Apple Pumpkin Pie sundaes.

Oh boy, were they good!!


  1. Now that sounds like a GREAT day. Time on the water and an ice cream sundae. You have just described a perfect day for me. Do they make malts??

  2. Apple Pumpkin Pie sundae sounds really Good!

  3. Great way to spend the day!! Glad you got the Sea Eagle back in the water. We really enjoy ours and don't use it often enough.

  4. Apple Pumpkin Pie Sundaes!! :) YUM!!

  5. Apple pumpkin pie sundae? Never heard of it, but I'm gonna have to try it! Yummy!!

  6. A sundae with apples and pumpkin? How sweet is that.

    We head to PA tomorrow. Will be in Gettysburg until the 22nd.


  7. Nice to see Owens on the Water. ;c)

    Looked like you kids had a great time out on the water!

    Paul & Marti