Sunday, July 3, 2011

It started with karaoke

So Thursday night, we were invited to a local
restaurant/ have a few libations.

I'm not one to do the karaoke thing, 
even though I really like to sing.

I got up and did ONE -
Love Shack...with help..

Picture is a little dark..George
took it on his phone to
blackmail me :)

So anyway..
the people we went with,
invited us over to their son's
graduation party,
which was yesterday.

They had food, a DJ,
and more karaoke...

our friends Steve & Mary   
More blackmail!
George avoiding the mike!
DJ doing his Neil Diamond impression

The DJ was hilarious,
going around and singing
to different people..

Steve's parents
Everybody had a great time..
very unexpected fun!

We didn't bring our camera, 
so all these photos were taken with 
my phone's camera.
They didn't turn out too badly.

Today we are going
to our other friends'
4th of July party.
We woke up to thundershowers..
so hopefully it'll clear up!!


  1. Sounds like a fun day. Karaoke always sounds better the more you drink, obviously George hadn't had enough to drink yet. Of course that might be good someone has to drive. :)

  2. Rained over here during the night. Looks good now.

    I give it to you girl - up there singing. No way would I EVER sing in front of anyone. No way, no how. I'd be sitting it out - just like George.


  3. Good times! All you needed was a few rounds of "Name that Tune" to cap it all off! :-)