Monday, July 11, 2011

Getting rid of more 'stuff '

Yesterday was quite the adventure.
Since our yard sale was a bust..
we were told to take our
'stuff' the the local flea market.
It's held at the

So we loaded up the truck the night before..

Sunday morning we had to
leave at 4:30 AM
yes, that's AM (yawn)..

The flea market starts at 6,
but you have to line up
to get in.
When we got there around 5 am
the line was over 100 cars deep.
By the time the gates opened,
there were at least that many cars behind us!
I didn't get a picture of all 
the cars, as George will tell you,
I'm NOT a morning person :-)

It was packed!

and it was HOT.

We got all set up, 
and the people came.

We made a lot of $$ in the
morning hours..while it was only 75 degrees.
As the afternoon wore on,
it was upwards of 90 degrees.

We got offers on the truck..
it was the nicest looking one there!
For some reason George 
wouldn't entertain any offers ;-)

We left at 2 pm, didn't have to bring
as much home..
we stopped at Salvation Army
and donated the rest.
$257 added to the RV fund!

More 'stuff' gone!


  1. WOW...$275 and a suntan;o)) Sounds like you made good progress!!

    Enjoy the journey.........

  2. A nice days pay and even better as you say - more stuff gone! Don't you feel so much lighter?

  3. Good idea and you had good luck, too!

  4. $275! Wow, that's a pretty good day's haul. Now since you put it in the RV fund, you should be able to buy the RV's door handle. :c)

    Little by little, piece by piece...

    Paul & Marti

  5. Wow, that's awesome!! I'd consider that a very successful day! :)

  6. That was a great sale, worth getting up in the morning for. :)

  7. Awesome! Out with the stuff, and in with the $$$!

  8. Empty boxes mean more than than dollars!

  9. Sounds like a success to me. Was it more fun than a yard sale? I've never done a flea market. I don't even do yard sales anymore. I never make enough $$ to make it worth while. I just give the stuff away to the Salvation Army or Good Will and itemize it for a tax deduction.

    You guys are sure devoted.....I'm a morning person and 4:30 is too much eve for me. :-)
    Way to go!

  10. Hard work, but now you have a lot less stuff.

  11. nice job making all that cash at the flea market! what a great idea!
    i didn't realize you were so close to us- so cool you've been to boulder field! PA RV enthusiasts need to stick together! :)