Sunday, July 17, 2011

Busy weekend, more preparations, and some news.

Yesterday we decided to get
the trailer all straightened out.

As some of you know, 
we have been using the 
single-wide trailer
that is on George's property,
as storage.
Since we cleared out the main room,
and took everything to the flea market,
it was time to go through
the other rooms.

Things gathered for an RV        

Got the room that we are storing things
for the RV all neatened up.
We went through everything again,
and sorted out things that we won't need.

We got the rest of the place
all spruced up as well.
It's not a great place,
but will make someone
a rental once the property is sold.

George also came home Friday
and told me that Herrs
offered him
a layoff for the next year.
Basically, an early retirement.

He can leave with his full pension,
a bit of severance,
and less stress. :-)
I guess the 'more senior' employees
cost them more money, don't they!?

he said okay.

It may put a small delay on our plan..
but maybe not!

Our target date to
be on the road
is Labor Day

Keep posted!


  1. Wow! Going to be an exciting year coming up!! :) We hope to be only a few months behind you!!

  2. Sounds like a birthday present to us! Happy, happy birthday George!!!

  3. Great! Now get his house on the market and sold and you will be ready to go when he is done working!

  4. Time to get the house sold...fulltiming is just around the corner;o)))

    Sounds like a decent deal and hope it works for you, George!!

  5. Hey girl, Mom says it is NOT a trailer, it is MOBILE HOME, if you can't pull it behind the truck. Get the proper name!!!

  6. Wow, I agree - what a great BD gift! And, if they consider it a layoff, he would be eligible to collect ( UI) Unemployment benefits that could continue for up to 99 months, with extensions. Not a bad deal indeed.

    Realize that in some states (not sure about PA) there is an offset for pension benefits. In NJ they deduct an amount equal to 50% of the pension benefit from what is paid through UI).

    Check it out!

  7. Good for George, bad for Herr's. Long serving employees may cost more, but they have a much better and more reliable work ethic.

    Enjoy that less stressful lifestyle, with so much on your plate, it will be a really good thing to be retired early.

  8. OOPS - I just reread my post. Make that 99 WEEKS, not months. The heat must have gotten to me earlier.

  9. Congratulations George!!!
    Sounds like a GREAT birthday present to me too.

    Love the new picture of you two on the blog. You both look wonderful!


  10. That is great! I know John is so much happier now that he is retired. That stress thing is really hard on you. Now George can have everything ready when it is time for you togo on the road!

  11. Just saw your post on my blog about meeting up. We leave Gettysburg on Friday and go back to NJ. We bought new recliners (wall huggers) and will be picking them up. Then from Tuesday to Aug 1 we will be in Cordorus State Park outside of Hanover, PA. From there we don't know where. What area are you in? Would love to meet you both in person. My email is