Saturday, July 30, 2011

The best day with new friends!

We had the most terrific day today!
One of our blogging friends,
Phyllis & Len -  The Easts Head West
were staying in their rig
south of us at Codorus State Park.
we decided it would be 
nice to hop in the car
and meet them there.

It's a three hour drive, 
but we didn't care. 
The weather was beautiful today.

We found them easily in
Loop B, space 72.
The park was a different story.
The GPS took us to a boat dealership!
We figured it all out and got there anyway :-)

We had a great talk,
Len showed George some 'guy' things..
Phyllis and I found some 'small world' things..
I used to live only about a mile 
from where her daughter lives in Maryland.
Her son-in-law, Steve,
worked for one of my bottled water distributors
in New Jersey, were Phyllis & Len used to live.
I'm still amazed at that!

Soon, we were all getting hungry.
I found a place, and Len drove us
They had great food, and interesting beer!

We talked a lot about the full-timing lifestyle.

and had a great lunch!

 We headed back to the park, 
and Len showed us the lake.
We really like the area, 
so maybe we'll have a rig parked there someday!

Too soon it was time to head back home.
We had a terrific time with them, 
and hope to meet up with them 
again, either 'on the road',
or next time they are in the area!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Selling 'stuff' & more RV fund money!

Productive weekend!

We started off on Friday night,
after a long work week..
for ME anyway..
going to Olive Garden.

Saturday was spent doing a
quick clean of the house..
because it was time :-)
Even though it's smaller 
than my house was,
I'll be glad when all I have
to clean is a fifth-wheel.

A lot of Saturday was spent
going through more 'stuff'.
Now we're going through
things in the house..
knick-knacks and the like.
George has a safe,
and in it, much to my surprise, 
was two bank bags full of

Not just any green stuff, mind you..

Nice, shiny, silver stuff!
Since I was researching things
to sell on E-Bay, I looked up
all the shiny things.
Lots of work putting them up on E-bay.
So we found a place nearby that
buys/sells/trades, silver, gold,

We took all the shiny things
to them, where they sorted
them all out.
Did you know that silver is
at a good price now?
$894 good ;-)

George was so happy!
He did decide to buy
something with his loot.
A new Citizens Eco-Drive watch.

(I told him we're trying to get RID of things!)
but..he's always wanted one.

He promised he would get rid of
some of the 10 watches.
They're on E-bay now..
along with some of my watches.

Who needs a watch when you are retired??

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Busy weekend, more preparations, and some news.

Yesterday we decided to get
the trailer all straightened out.

As some of you know, 
we have been using the 
single-wide trailer
that is on George's property,
as storage.
Since we cleared out the main room,
and took everything to the flea market,
it was time to go through
the other rooms.

Things gathered for an RV        

Got the room that we are storing things
for the RV all neatened up.
We went through everything again,
and sorted out things that we won't need.

We got the rest of the place
all spruced up as well.
It's not a great place,
but will make someone
a rental once the property is sold.

George also came home Friday
and told me that Herrs
offered him
a layoff for the next year.
Basically, an early retirement.

He can leave with his full pension,
a bit of severance,
and less stress. :-)
I guess the 'more senior' employees
cost them more money, don't they!?

he said okay.

It may put a small delay on our plan..
but maybe not!

Our target date to
be on the road
is Labor Day

Keep posted!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Happy Birthday George!

One more year!

George turned 61 on Thursday.
He's counting down!

I took him out to dinner with 
some friends of ours.
We went to one of our
favorite places..
the  Mirakuya. 
It's a typical hibachi-style restaurant.

We had a terrific time!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Getting rid of more 'stuff '

Yesterday was quite the adventure.
Since our yard sale was a bust..
we were told to take our
'stuff' the the local flea market.
It's held at the

So we loaded up the truck the night before..

Sunday morning we had to
leave at 4:30 AM
yes, that's AM (yawn)..

The flea market starts at 6,
but you have to line up
to get in.
When we got there around 5 am
the line was over 100 cars deep.
By the time the gates opened,
there were at least that many cars behind us!
I didn't get a picture of all 
the cars, as George will tell you,
I'm NOT a morning person :-)

It was packed!

and it was HOT.

We got all set up, 
and the people came.

We made a lot of $$ in the
morning hours..while it was only 75 degrees.
As the afternoon wore on,
it was upwards of 90 degrees.

We got offers on the truck..
it was the nicest looking one there!
For some reason George 
wouldn't entertain any offers ;-)

We left at 2 pm, didn't have to bring
as much home..
we stopped at Salvation Army
and donated the rest.
$257 added to the RV fund!

More 'stuff' gone!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Nice day for the Sea Eagle

Today was going to be
a nice, sunny, hot day.
After some house cleaning,
we loaded up the Sea Eagle, 
and drove up to 
Frances Slocum State Park.

This is the first time
this season we have
gotten out the Sea Eagle.

We bought a small air pump,
but it didn't work very well.
We ended up using
the foot pump anyway.

I took up the front...I did row too!

George behind me..

There were quite a few
people out on the lake.

Very nice day!

On the way home, we stopped
off at Blue Ribbon Dairy.

We had Apple Pumpkin Pie sundaes.

Oh boy, were they good!!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Wedding plans

105 days.

George and I will 
getting married!

We've started the preparations.
My wonderful Mom 
is helping from California.

We are getting married out there..
such a beautiful place to be wed!

My Mom has arranged to get the flowers..
I'm going to carry a single long-stemmed rose.
We're going to have a cake reception
with a simple
two-tier wedding cake..
I picked:

Top tier - Lemon Raspberry - white cake, lemon mousseline cream and raspberries
Bottom tier - Praline -
white cake soaked in a bit of run, praline mousseline cream, covered with sliced almonds
Sheet cake - Ganache -
chocolate cake, ganache filling and frosting

George has asked my older son, Adam,
to be his best man.
Heather, George's daughter,
is my maid of honor..
and my youngest son, Austin, 
will walk me down the aisle :-)

We can't believe how quickly 
the time has gone by.

It wasn't that long ago..
that we were engaged.

More preparations to come!

Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy 4th of July!

Every year, we go to our friends Van & Rita's house for their big 4th of July bash. This year was no exception. The only difference is that there were storms in and around the area.

They have a nice built in pool - but there are so many kids in it, 
that there's no way I would get in...not to mention the whole bathing suit thing ;-)

The party is potluck, and everyone always brings such good food.

 We talked to our good friends, Tim & Candida..Tim used to work for my company..

We kept hearing thunder in the distance, and got the kids out of the pool...then it started!

We moved inside...100 or more people in a house, all wet, dripping...God bless the clean-up!

The kids didn't mind, they had lots to eat!

The weather cleared up just in time to put on a spectacular show, as usual. 

Our neighbor is having a party tonight...geez...3 in a row? Not sure if we can muster one more!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

It started with karaoke

So Thursday night, we were invited to a local
restaurant/ have a few libations.

I'm not one to do the karaoke thing, 
even though I really like to sing.

I got up and did ONE -
Love Shack...with help..

Picture is a little dark..George
took it on his phone to
blackmail me :)

So anyway..
the people we went with,
invited us over to their son's
graduation party,
which was yesterday.

They had food, a DJ,
and more karaoke...

our friends Steve & Mary   
More blackmail!
George avoiding the mike!
DJ doing his Neil Diamond impression

The DJ was hilarious,
going around and singing
to different people..

Steve's parents
Everybody had a great time..
very unexpected fun!

We didn't bring our camera, 
so all these photos were taken with 
my phone's camera.
They didn't turn out too badly.

Today we are going
to our other friends'
4th of July party.
We woke up to thundershowers..
so hopefully it'll clear up!!