Saturday, June 11, 2011

Yard sale - well, porch sale

Today was our scheduled yard sale.
Unfortunately, although they predicted
good weather for the weekend, 
I woke up to thundershowers.

Since we had already advertised,
we decided to go to plan B.
Since the stuff was already
stored in the trailer anyway..
we just staged everything in the living 
room, and brought some stuff out
onto the front porch.
That problem was solved ;-)

So now we just sit and wait
for the throngs of people to come.

and wait..

Eventually we had a few people show up.
At the end of the day, we only 
made $91..quite a disappointment!
We did get some advice, though..
go to a flea market with
our stuff..
the Garden Drive In has 
one every Sunday morning.

So..maybe one Sunday, 
we'll load up the truck and go :-)


  1. Our church had a yard sale last Saturday and was rained out, so they just did it all over again today. I didn't go, because I didn't want to be tempted to buy any of my stuff back. lol

  2. I did a couple of flea markets and sold OK. I didn't have anything high end, and most of it I just wanted to get rid of so the prices were really low. Some I even gave away. No regrets. Even though my plans have changed I do not regret getting rid of that stuff. What didn't sell went directly to Goodwill or the trash. Not back into the house.

  3. Going to a flea market might be the solution. I am wondering, does Green Dragon in Empthata (sp ??) allow individuals to set up a booth? Always been lots of people there when we've gone. Open only on Fridays.


  4. The rain usually keeps all but the hardcore garage salers away, and those people usually want something for nothing it is frustrating. The flea market sounds like a good idea.

  5. Oh no -- sorry about the rain during your yard sale! It just figures, doesn't it? The flea market sounds like a great idea, as you'd probably get a large volume of people that way.

  6. What a bummer, a rainout. Keep on trying, I agree, the flea market is a good idea, you'll get lots of traffic and hopefully buyers.

    Paul and Marti

  7. I think $91 is about twice as much as I've ever made on a garage sale. And I was practically giving things away on a sunny day. You did it in the rain. Sounds like a success to me. :-)

    But I do hope you get rid of everyting soon.


  8. Would you be interested in coming to Washington and doing a garage sale for me? I really need to have one and I just haven't found the motivation to get going.