Sunday, June 19, 2011

More work on the house

Today George devoted 
 much of the day
to the bathroom...
...(not what you think!)
He put a light/fan combination
in the ceiling...

Then he put a light in the shower (yay!)

He also replaced the
outlet with a GFCI..

Of course, then he had
to rewire the switches,
putting 3 different ones..
one for makeup lights,
one for the fan only, 
and then one for the fan light/shower light.

 All this work wore Milo out!

When the bathroom was finished..
we grilled some dogs, 
and made some yummy 
blender drinks.

We sat outside and
enjoyed the flowers..

the river..
and this guy, 
who has decided to live
under George's trailer..

 The Forty-Fort airport was having a fly-in as well.
Since the airport is right across the river,
we had a great vantage point when they took off, and
flew overhead.
I got a shot of this Navy plane..

 All these things to see from the comfort of the back yard!

Today, Father's Day, we are taking it easy.
I'm taking George out to breakfast, then
we're going to see what we can do to RELAX!

Happy Father's Day!!


  1. George is pretty darn handy. Good job George.

  2. Poor Milo shouldn't work so hard. ;-)

    Good job George!

  3. Boy that is some HANDY man there. But tell Milo this snoozing on the job has got to stop.