Sunday, June 5, 2011

More purging & preparations..

It seems like every weekend is spent
getting more things done on
George's house & property.

Yesterday we cleaned house..
regular cleaning :-)
We then went over to the
trailer where all the 'stuff' is stored.

Every box is filled with 'stuff' moved
from my house that wasn't needed.
We sorted through every box,
marking each item where needed.

By 3:30, it was all marked, and sorted.
We found some things to send to my son, Austin,
as he is moving into a new apartment.

We also found some more things for the 'RV' pile :-)

We were tired after all that, but
decided to go to the movies and 
see Pirates of the Caribbean..
the next installment.
Never miss a Johnny Depp movie ;-)

Next weekend, yard sale!!
Get rid of more 'stuff' ;-)


  1. Good for you! It only works of you can do it together.

  2. looks like your getting it done...way to go ~the time will be here before you
    know snuck up on us so fast..:)
    thanks for visiting our blog...

  3. It seems like the piles are endless and that every door opens to an undiscovered pile of boxes, but sooner or later, you will be through with it all and FREE! Keep your head up and your spirit strong!
    Full Time Road Warriors

  4. Too funny, we took the day off and went and saw Pirates too!

    Now back to the grind. :c(

    Paul and Marti

  5. I have a bunch of stuff I need to get rid of in a garage sale but I can't seem to get going on that. Maybe you'll inspire me...or not!!

  6. The hard work will pay off!!

    Good Luck with your garage sale.

    Still wanting for that "only takes one" buyer ;o((

  7. Looks like you are continuing to make progress. It can be exhausting sometimes.

  8. You are almost there. Sorting and marking things for a yard sale is exhausting. Nothing like a good pirate movie to escape the process for awhile. Arrrrg!

  9. I'm way behind in blog reading. Catching up with you two wore me out. What a lot of work you've been doing. Things look GREAT!

    Beautiful picture of Heather in her jeep!

    I'm SO with you on Johnny Depp. Really easy on the eyes isn't he?


  10. I can't imagine how much work it is to sort through everything and figure out what to get rid of...but it looks like you're making a lot of progress! Best of luck and I'll be eager to follow along with your journey.