Sunday, June 12, 2011

Making George smile :-)

We're getting closer to that 1 year mark..
1 month, and 1 year to being able
to follow that dream.

I've noticed that George has seemed
a bit stressed out lately.

So this morning, after church, 
and grocery shopping..
I grabbed George
by the hand..
and took him for a drive up
to the casino..

Mohegan Sun.
It's the local harness track, 
slots, and table games as well.

We haven't been there for awhile,
because we've been so busy with the 
house & all that.
So we played some slots..

Fun new slot based on the Airplane! movie.
I did so well, I won
enough to buy George dinner at the buffet
at the casino.
They have pretty good food there..
George's favorite place :-)

George is smiling now :-)


  1. LOL I can just picture that smile!! :)

  2. Wow! How cool is that -- winning enough to pay for dinner??? A nice added bonus in the stress relief department!

  3. Good job, winning enough for dinner and especially for making George smile.

  4. Just think, in 1 month and 1 year he will go from a smile to a GRIN! Keep the faith!

  5. We are glad to see you taking some time for fun in the middle of all the downsizing. It is a process that can be exhausting and frustrating. We are learning we need to be sure to find time and ways to "Enjoy The Journey!!"

    Be sure to KEEP HAVING FUN!!

  6. Always good to have a profitable day.


  7. I missed reading blogs yesterday so I'm catching up today. This is the fourth post about casinos. I went to one for dinner when I was in California and the smell of cigarette smoke almost made me sick. So, they're not my favorite place. I'm glad George is smiling and got a free meal.

  8. Who had the better time? You winning at the casino or George eating at the buffet?

    Glad you got some down time to have a ball (or was it a Royal Flush?).

    Paul and Marti