Saturday, June 25, 2011

Nice relaxing time..

This morning started out 
with a nice hearty B&B 
Our hosts, Ken & Kate
served us blueberry waffles,
yogurt with granola, 
sausage, and
terrific breakfast potatoes.

Since the day was a bit rainy,
we decided to take a ride
on the roads
around the property here.
There was some terrific views
of it from across the valley.

We headed toward the Grand Canyon of PA

It's a beautiful view from the rim

This guy was 'inching' his way along the railing.

We drove up to NY to see an RV dealer, 
but they didn't have what we were looking for.
So we headed back down to town.
We stopped at the store and picked
up some cheese & bread, 
and a bottle of wine
We took everything out on the
deck and had a snack.

Our hosts were cutting the
meadow...looks like hard work!

After awhile, it got a bit chilly out, 
so we moved in, to a nice fire
in the fireplace.

There are some beautiful quilts hanging on the walls.

Tomorrow it will be time to head home.
We'll stretch it out as long as we can :-)

Friday, June 24, 2011

Relaxing weekend in Wellsboro

Tonight we are resting up from our stress filled week.

We headed up north, to Wellsboro, PA.
I found us a nice bed & breakfast 

We've been to Wellsboro before,
but always stayed in a campground in cabins.
This time, I wanted true relaxation.

The view from the top is magnificent.

George had fun talking to
our hosts while sipping coffee.

We went out for a bite to eat at the Steak House..

Now it's time to rest..
tomorrow, we'll explore!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

*gulp* - another promotion

Am I supposed to be happy?

I was given a new title at work.
I'm now 'President' of
3 Springs Water Co.

That comes with a LOT 
of responsibility,
stress, a raise,

a bit of guilt..
they still don't know about my impending
...i'm outta here in possibly a year..
to hit the road..
swan song.

"They" don't read the blog
(I hope!)
but I will take my title, 
and run with it

It's going to make
our life on the road 
that much sweeter!

We're going away this weekend..
initially to get a break from
prepping the house for sale,
and the stress of both our work lives.

Now we'll throw a little bit
of celebration into it! 


Monday, June 20, 2011

Father's Day fun

We started the day out
with breakfast at Perkins.
You can't beat their breakfast selections!

Of course, being Sunday,
we also picked up groceries at Walmart.

Then I told George...
you need to pick out a wedding ring!
As you can see by the countdown..
it's getting close :-)

We went to the mall..
to Kay's (our favorite jewelry store!).
This is what he picked out..

It's very similar to mine,
he bought me the 'journey' ring
when we got engaged.
It is gorgeous!

After spending more money
at the mall..
I took him to a nice sunny deck
and had a few drinks,
and appetizers..

It was a very nice Father's day. We hope all the fathers were blessed!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

More work on the house

Today George devoted 
 much of the day
to the bathroom...
...(not what you think!)
He put a light/fan combination
in the ceiling...

Then he put a light in the shower (yay!)

He also replaced the
outlet with a GFCI..

Of course, then he had
to rewire the switches,
putting 3 different ones..
one for makeup lights,
one for the fan only, 
and then one for the fan light/shower light.

 All this work wore Milo out!

When the bathroom was finished..
we grilled some dogs, 
and made some yummy 
blender drinks.

We sat outside and
enjoyed the flowers..

the river..
and this guy, 
who has decided to live
under George's trailer..

 The Forty-Fort airport was having a fly-in as well.
Since the airport is right across the river,
we had a great vantage point when they took off, and
flew overhead.
I got a shot of this Navy plane..

 All these things to see from the comfort of the back yard!

Today, Father's Day, we are taking it easy.
I'm taking George out to breakfast, then
we're going to see what we can do to RELAX!

Happy Father's Day!!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Fun with photography

I needed a stress reliever today after work.
I took a glass of wine out on to the front porch.
With camera in hand, 
I decided to take a few pictures!

hanging basket


We had some fun too..
with birds.
George has an app on his phone
of bird songs. 
Since there are some cardinals around..
he played the cardinal song.
A cardinal flew right up,
and sat on the phone wire,
making his soft calls.
 The neighborhood cats
liked seeing the birds too :-)

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Making George smile :-)

We're getting closer to that 1 year mark..
1 month, and 1 year to being able
to follow that dream.

I've noticed that George has seemed
a bit stressed out lately.

So this morning, after church, 
and grocery shopping..
I grabbed George
by the hand..
and took him for a drive up
to the casino..

Mohegan Sun.
It's the local harness track, 
slots, and table games as well.

We haven't been there for awhile,
because we've been so busy with the 
house & all that.
So we played some slots..

Fun new slot based on the Airplane! movie.
I did so well, I won
enough to buy George dinner at the buffet
at the casino.
They have pretty good food there..
George's favorite place :-)

George is smiling now :-)

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Yard sale - well, porch sale

Today was our scheduled yard sale.
Unfortunately, although they predicted
good weather for the weekend, 
I woke up to thundershowers.

Since we had already advertised,
we decided to go to plan B.
Since the stuff was already
stored in the trailer anyway..
we just staged everything in the living 
room, and brought some stuff out
onto the front porch.
That problem was solved ;-)

So now we just sit and wait
for the throngs of people to come.

and wait..

Eventually we had a few people show up.
At the end of the day, we only 
made $91..quite a disappointment!
We did get some advice, though..
go to a flea market with
our stuff..
the Garden Drive In has 
one every Sunday morning.

So..maybe one Sunday, 
we'll load up the truck and go :-)