Saturday, May 28, 2011

Yard work Saturday

Poor George had to work today..
a chip vendor always works 
the Saturday before a holiday weekend.

When he got home, he got 
a load of modified delivered.

He wants to spread it
on the driveway pad..
and will tomorrow.

I mowed the field with the tractor again.

George did the trimming and cutting in
with the push mower.

Heather came by, 
and George put new security locks 
on her Jeep's spare tire.

She stuck around and I took some
nice profile shots of her for her Facebook.

We grilled steaks, and corn on the cob..

Tomorrow will be planting 
flowers and mulching..
so glad the weather's cooperating!!


  1. Sounds like a nice day! The weather was beautiful here as well. :)

    (Yay - I can comment as ME!)

  2. Summer is here! Soon it will be hot and sticky.