Friday, May 27, 2011

We're homeless..........!

Well, sorta.
The closing for my house 
was finally today at 3 pm.
I took off work at 2..
and showed up at the title (abstract) company early.

My realtor showed up shortly after..
then the couple that purchased my house.

It should have been a smooth transition.
It took 3 hours!
The buyers went through 'the Lending Tree'
and got a very inept loan officer.
There were issues on the HUD statement..
(they did an FHA loan.)
After many phone calls back and forth 
on their part..
all the signatures and checks 
were issued.
I turned over the keys..
I'm without one mortgage!!

What a great feeling.
One less expense, so that we can start 
working towards our goal..
of full timing.

Next step is to get our
finances in order..
put George's house on the market..
and buy that fifth wheel :-)


  1. A very good day! Lots of houses sold this spring.

  2. So happy for the two of you!!!

    A little jealous, but glad to see that home sales are picking up a bit.

  3. Congratulations!! :) Isn't it a great feeling to have one gone? I can't believe how much "freer" I felt after I passed over those keys.