Saturday, May 7, 2011

More sorting..

while George worked on
the front porch, sprucing it up..

I did laundry,
and started working on
sorting through all the 
that needs to be gone through.

Yard sale stuff

Stuff put aside for RV

Stuff for Craigslist and sorting

We have used the house trailer
for storage, sorting through,
and putting things in separate rooms.

Today, I went through all
the photographs I have..
sorting them into
photos of Austin,
photos of Adam,
family pictures,
and older pictures of me.

I decided the ones of Austin & Adam, 
I'll send to them..
the special ones that I can't
live without, 
I'll scan into the computer.

I threw some away..
scenes of places I'd been
that I couldn't even remember where it was!

George came in and found me
wiping away a few tears,
as I went through old baby pictures of the boys.

The rest of the afternoon, 
I sat in the back,
and watched the geese 
picking through the grass..

and looked at the trees blooming with color..

Sitting out back, with the river,
the geese, and beautiful blossoms..
makes me think of 
sitting outside our RV.



  1. Its a very traumatic experience going through some of those things. We did pictures last week. Keep up the good work you are doing good!

  2. Just today I talking to my daughter about the BIG mistake I made before fulltiming. I had kept a diary since 1992. I packed them in one box. They sat there in the sunroom for a few weeks. Leonard was going to the dump (recylcing center). I told him to take them! By the next day I was regreting it so much. I still do. Please, everyone - think very carefully before tossing something so precious. Most things can be replaced. Those can't.

    You are really making a good headway. Feels good, doesn't it!

  3. Pictures are sure reminders of days gone by - we have been boxing them up, too. And tons of other stuff - we are in the same place, it seems - can't wait til we are DONE. How do we accumulate so much stuff, anyway? Keep plugging away - see ya down the road!

  4. I haven't tossed anything for a few weeks. I'm feeling bogged down and a bit hopeless about the whole thing.

  5. good job today! are a tough one to go through!!

  6. Dealing with all the photos is a task. I actually sent many of ours out to be digitized, I scanned a lot but I had so many it would have taken me years! Then I sent the originals to the people that would appreciate them. It is a big and I think one of the most emotional of the tasks towards full timing.

  7. It is amazing how much STUFF we accumulate over time... Once you get rid of the stuff, not the memories, you just will feel so free. I can't wait to get there. Keep sorting and tossing... you are doing great!!

  8. We are lucky that we don't have to do anything with pictures. We did take all of our pictures out of the photo albums and put them all into photo boxes. Now we have three boxes of photos which we will take with us.