Sunday, May 22, 2011

Lotsa yard work

Today was yard work day.
We attended worship services at 
my church by my house.
After that, we drove over
to my house to mow the lawn
for the very last time :)

I'm waiting to hear, 
but closing could possibly
be on Wednesday.

The yard up here (at George's house),
is 2 acres of grass.
It's an all day undertaking,
with weed-whacking, push mowing,
and tractor riding.

I got to do the tractor riding today..

I wore a painter's mask
to keep from breathing in all the pollen.
I wore long pants,  tucked in to my socks,
and a hooded sweatshirt over my hat.
This get-up was to keep 
from getting bitten to DEATH by
Living by the river,
it's mosquitoes-100,

We sat outside for a bit last night, 
and even though I sprayed Off
on my legs & arms,
I had bites everywhere,
but where I *didn't* spray,
on my face.
They must love Off :-)



  1. YAHOO for you that today was the last lawn cutting at your house!!!!! Keeping our fingers, toes, hands, legs, and eyes crossed that your closing is on Wednesday!!!!

  2. Everyone says AVON Skin so Soft is great. If you try it let us know.

    That is one thing I do love about our place. It is so dry there are no mosquitoes. Or at least os few they are not a problem when we sit out on the deck.

  3. We'll be waiting to here "GOING, GOING, GONE...SOLD!!"

  4. Waiting to hear the house is GONE!
    As far as mosquitoes, are they not the state bird of New Jersey?

  5. It has been too cold here for the mosquitos to really come out yet but we know it won't be long. Just bought bug spray yesterday to be ready. :) Good luck with the closing.