Monday, May 30, 2011

Happy Memorial Day!

To all those who have fought
to keep us free...
We Thank You!

We are pooped today..
yesterday we finally 
spruced up the yard
with a little help.

Heather painting the garage
George spreading a load of modified.   
Kenny helping plant

Kenny (George's second cousin),
who majored in horticulture,
went with me to help
pick out flowers.

We picked out s few perennials,
a couple rose bushes, 
and some bedding plants..
to spruce up the place.

Then we started at it.
Kenny would dig the holes,
and I would put the flowers 
in and plant.

Once in awhile, George would
have Kenny get on the tractor
and push the modified around, 
while he supervised.
I really think he just needed a rest! :-)

When it was all done, 
we mulched..
well I mulched, 
but no one got any pictures of that!

Then I gave them all a good drink..

 The finished product!

Today we are going to 
grill burgers and
have a nice feast for 
the people that helped out.

Hope everyone has a terrific day!


  1. Wow, looking good! :) Will you be putting this house on the market this year?

  2. Not sure when yet..could be in the fall!

  3. Testing, testing.

  4. Okay - I changed from trying to post thru Google, but instead hit Anonymous. That was me testing above. Crazy!

    House looking good. You guys are really moving along. Won't be long before we meet down the road.


  5. Looks really nice! Enjoy your cookout today!

  6. You really did a lot of work...Looks GREAT!!

    Don't hesitate to list the house sooner rather than later. It is taking so long to sell property right now. You could always rent something until you are done work or live in a "NEW" 5th wheel until you are finished should it sell quickly ;o))

  7. Looks good. Flowers make a home seem so cozy. Love them.