Thursday, May 5, 2011

Catsup on my blog.

not catsup...
...catch-up :-)

It's been a busy week again.
When is it not?!

Last Saturday we drove
down to my house in Hazleton.
Needed to check on how things are..
and cut the grass.

Then we went to my church's 
sausage supper..which is
always good.

Sunday was yardwork
day (for George)..
and pedicure day..
for me ;-)

The work week was typical..
we decided to switch to

We got new phones..

George got a Droid X..

and I got an Incredible 2.

We both were on AT&T,
and had Iphones..
it was hard for me to switch.
We figure that Verizon is the provider
to have on the road, 
because of their coverage.
We also got the MiFi
so we can connect on the road.

Now we just have to figure out how to use them!

Milo the cat is bored with the whole thing!


  1. Always thinking about preparing for going on the road aren't we!

  2. I prefer mustard on my Droid... ;c)

    Interested in how Verizon works out for you, we have AT&T for phones and Sprint for the air card. So far they both have worked well for us, but always interested in a better "Mouse Trap".

  3. love my IPhone!..have fun learning your 'new toys'!!!

  4. Congrats on the new phone!! Have fun exploring!! :)

  5. I'm sure not ready to change to anything else yet. For me, that learning curve takes a long time. You have fun, however.

  6. Cool new phones! I now have phone envy, I really like that Droid X. I think the pedicure vs yard work is a great trade off. Pedicures are awesome!