Monday, May 30, 2011

Happy Memorial Day!

To all those who have fought
to keep us free...
We Thank You!

We are pooped today..
yesterday we finally 
spruced up the yard
with a little help.

Heather painting the garage
George spreading a load of modified.   
Kenny helping plant

Kenny (George's second cousin),
who majored in horticulture,
went with me to help
pick out flowers.

We picked out s few perennials,
a couple rose bushes, 
and some bedding plants..
to spruce up the place.

Then we started at it.
Kenny would dig the holes,
and I would put the flowers 
in and plant.

Once in awhile, George would
have Kenny get on the tractor
and push the modified around, 
while he supervised.
I really think he just needed a rest! :-)

When it was all done, 
we mulched..
well I mulched, 
but no one got any pictures of that!

Then I gave them all a good drink..

 The finished product!

Today we are going to 
grill burgers and
have a nice feast for 
the people that helped out.

Hope everyone has a terrific day!

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Yard work Saturday

Poor George had to work today..
a chip vendor always works 
the Saturday before a holiday weekend.

When he got home, he got 
a load of modified delivered.

He wants to spread it
on the driveway pad..
and will tomorrow.

I mowed the field with the tractor again.

George did the trimming and cutting in
with the push mower.

Heather came by, 
and George put new security locks 
on her Jeep's spare tire.

She stuck around and I took some
nice profile shots of her for her Facebook.

We grilled steaks, and corn on the cob..

Tomorrow will be planting 
flowers and mulching..
so glad the weather's cooperating!!

Friday, May 27, 2011

We're homeless..........!

Well, sorta.
The closing for my house 
was finally today at 3 pm.
I took off work at 2..
and showed up at the title (abstract) company early.

My realtor showed up shortly after..
then the couple that purchased my house.

It should have been a smooth transition.
It took 3 hours!
The buyers went through 'the Lending Tree'
and got a very inept loan officer.
There were issues on the HUD statement..
(they did an FHA loan.)
After many phone calls back and forth 
on their part..
all the signatures and checks 
were issued.
I turned over the keys..
I'm without one mortgage!!

What a great feeling.
One less expense, so that we can start 
working towards our goal..
of full timing.

Next step is to get our
finances in order..
put George's house on the market..
and buy that fifth wheel :-)

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Lotsa yard work

Today was yard work day.
We attended worship services at 
my church by my house.
After that, we drove over
to my house to mow the lawn
for the very last time :)

I'm waiting to hear, 
but closing could possibly
be on Wednesday.

The yard up here (at George's house),
is 2 acres of grass.
It's an all day undertaking,
with weed-whacking, push mowing,
and tractor riding.

I got to do the tractor riding today..

I wore a painter's mask
to keep from breathing in all the pollen.
I wore long pants,  tucked in to my socks,
and a hooded sweatshirt over my hat.
This get-up was to keep 
from getting bitten to DEATH by
Living by the river,
it's mosquitoes-100,

We sat outside for a bit last night, 
and even though I sprayed Off
on my legs & arms,
I had bites everywhere,
but where I *didn't* spray,
on my face.
They must love Off :-)


Saturday, May 21, 2011

Happy birthday, Jillian!

Today we went to a birthday party
for George's grandaughter's
4th birthday.

His son and daughter-in-law 
decided to have the party
at Knoebel's (a terrific family-run amusement park).

We had burgers & dogs..

The two grandpas

and cupcakes..

Jillian was the star of the party..

but her little sis, a real angel :)
and had 'poppy' wrapped around her little finger..

We took a walk around the park,
and went on the Skyride.

The view from the top is nice!

We watched Jillian enjoy some of the rides too..

It was a fun day, 
the weather was perfect!
Everyone had a great time.

I should have news about the closing of my house
next week! Yay!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

RV window shopping & The Beatles

Yesterday we took a drive down to
Allentown, PA..
there are quite a few RV dealers
down there.
One we hadn't been to before 
-Pocono RV-
deals in Montanas.
They had one model on the lot..
but we had already seen that one,
and it's not really the one we want.

We moved on to one of the dealers
that we visit often..
-Boat n RV world-
They don't deal in Montanas, 
but they had a Brookstone 367RL
that was nice..

Not yet!

We then went to the other large dealer..
Tom Schaeffer's RV.
They had Cameos, Cardinals, and the Alpine..
which is Montanas little sister :)

We really liked the Cardinal..

The wine rack is cool!

Of course it's too early to put money down..
another year and we'll be ready!

The reason we went down to Allentown
was the free tickets to the Allentown symphony.
They had the group 
playing with the symphony.

They were pretty good..
playing most of the Beatle's hits.
Old & new (well you know what I mean)
The symphony was terrific as well.

Then we headed home..
didn't get home until 11:30 last night!
Those late nights aren't for us anymore :)

Our thoughts on the RVs we saw..
we still like the Montana :)

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Friday the 13th!

I shoulda figured..
yesterday being Friday the 13th and all.

Blogger went down..
we're having trouble with our router..
a few glitches in the sale of the house..
but all is well today.

Blogger is all fired up now.
Got some advice from a techie on the router (update the firmware!).
Sale of the house will be ok...
was hoping to do a short sale..but..
lender says it may take longer than
the closing date..
So, I had to borrow from my 401k (GASP!)
to bridge the gap.
Prayers are going up that the lenders 
come through in the nick of time so
I can put the $$ back.

Spring SPRUNG this last week.
So we took the bikes out.

We will get helmets this year!

Today (Saturday) we're off
to parts south..
to go RV window shopping.
We have free tickets to the
Allentown Symphony tonight..
it's a Beatles tribute band.

Should be fun!!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother's Day 2011

Happy Mother's Day!

I did not post yesterday..
I was spending Mother's Day 
with my son, Austin.
He flew out to be with
his friend, for his friend's
30th birthday.
It just happened that he was
in town on the same weekend :-)

George surprised me with
a nice card, 
and a beautiful hanging plant.

We drove to Philadelphia,
and picked up Austin.
The place we went to eat 
is one of my favorite places..
the Oregon Diner.
They have good food there..
it was packed!

My son surprised me by paying
for our lunch :-)
He's growing up!

he still is a boy..

Ahh..a blue mohawk :-)

My oldest son, Adam, 
called me later in the day.
He also sent me a new picture:

I won't get to see him until the wedding in October.

Love being a mother!

Hope all mothers had a wonderful day!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

More sorting..

while George worked on
the front porch, sprucing it up..

I did laundry,
and started working on
sorting through all the 
that needs to be gone through.

Yard sale stuff

Stuff put aside for RV

Stuff for Craigslist and sorting

We have used the house trailer
for storage, sorting through,
and putting things in separate rooms.

Today, I went through all
the photographs I have..
sorting them into
photos of Austin,
photos of Adam,
family pictures,
and older pictures of me.

I decided the ones of Austin & Adam, 
I'll send to them..
the special ones that I can't
live without, 
I'll scan into the computer.

I threw some away..
scenes of places I'd been
that I couldn't even remember where it was!

George came in and found me
wiping away a few tears,
as I went through old baby pictures of the boys.

The rest of the afternoon, 
I sat in the back,
and watched the geese 
picking through the grass..

and looked at the trees blooming with color..

Sitting out back, with the river,
the geese, and beautiful blossoms..
makes me think of 
sitting outside our RV.


Thursday, May 5, 2011

Catsup on my blog.

not catsup...
...catch-up :-)

It's been a busy week again.
When is it not?!

Last Saturday we drove
down to my house in Hazleton.
Needed to check on how things are..
and cut the grass.

Then we went to my church's 
sausage supper..which is
always good.

Sunday was yardwork
day (for George)..
and pedicure day..
for me ;-)

The work week was typical..
we decided to switch to

We got new phones..

George got a Droid X..

and I got an Incredible 2.

We both were on AT&T,
and had Iphones..
it was hard for me to switch.
We figure that Verizon is the provider
to have on the road, 
because of their coverage.
We also got the MiFi
so we can connect on the road.

Now we just have to figure out how to use them!

Milo the cat is bored with the whole thing!