Friday, April 29, 2011

So..did you watch?

You know you did..

Now, us lucky people on the
east coast only had to get
up at 4 am..
NO, I did not get that crazy.
I did sneak peeks at the TV
while I was getting ready for work 
this morning.
It was sweet.
You know..
the Royal wedding.

On another note..
with all the rain we've had,
the river rose up again.

It's up past where we put the swing.

It crested around 2 pm though, 
and didn't cause any issues..
except for the robins.

They will be happy when 
the river recedes and the worms
pop up!

Trees are budding with 
nice flowers..

This little guy was looking 
for some bugs to eat.

This little guy was
working on his baby :-)

Happy Spring!


  1. Craig got up and took a peak at what was happening and ended up staying up to watch the wedding.

    I watched the rebroadcast later in the morning while eating my breakfast.

  2. we just watched the highlights and you are right it was sweet and romantic!

  3. Here in MO it started at 3 am. No,I did not turn in on at that time. However, I was awake at 5 and turned on as she was getting out on the car to go into Westminster Abbey. From there I was hooked for a while.

    Quite a spring you are having. Enough is enough, I say!

  4. I woke up and had trouble going back to sleep (I have insomnia from time to time) then I realized the wedding was on so I got up and watched. I tuned in just before Kate left for the wedding. I enjoyed watching, I just wish for happiness for them both, difficult to have a life and marriage in a fish bowl.