Sunday, April 17, 2011

Rally day 5 - Saturday night dance

Last night of the rally..
we're all tired, 
but we made more friends,
renewed old friendships, 
and learned more about the full-time lifestyle.

We had a good day during the day.
There were a few more seminars,
a walk through of members rigs,
then a catered dinner & dance.

We had such a great time!

The theme was the 70's..

there was some tie-dye happening!
Howard & Linda looked terrific!

Nancy & Bill

Harry got in the spirit!

We had a great time dancing!

Even George got into it..

Gotta have a conga line!

Sunday morning we had our last
breakfast with everyone.
There were a few tears shed as we 
gave hugs to everyone before we left.

We got home Sunday night,
but although it's good to
be in our own bed..
we're not looking forward to work!


  1. a great time was had by all..or so it seems by the photos!..welcome home..too bad being home means heading back to work though!..have good week, don't work too hard!

  2. Your pics came out great!! I can't believe the week is over. :(

    I hope your first day back at work goes well. (as good as work gets lol)

  3. Thanks for sharing all your FUN! Wish we could have been there.

    Hope your house sells very soon.

    Travel Safe
    Dawn and Denise

  4. We just got home this morning and can't wait to get back on the ROAD!!

    We are so happy for you with the contract on the house... It was so much fun at the Rally!

    Just good things a comin' for you two!!

  5. Too bad people are reminding you you have to go back to work. I bet you liked not thinking about it. I've never been to a rally and I think I might start looking for one, or am I too late?

  6. Had a great time as well. It looks like it is a falling into place. I am so excited for both of you. It won't be long and you will be on the road.

  7. Looks like you had a great time! :)