Thursday, April 14, 2011

Rally day 3 - and some GREAT news!

Last night after coming back to the cabin..
I got online and checked e-mail before blogging.
I had an e-mail in my inbox..

Turns out she was writing up an offer..
and knowing I was on vacation,
wanted to make sure I was standing by..

Of course it took another hour to get
the I couldn't sleep..
I got a solid offer!!

So this morning was spent 
finding a printer, scanner..
(thanks to Linda Payne!!!)
and then getting the signed acceptance
back to the Realtor.
(Thanks to RV Plantation office staff).

Now we wait for the closing..
which should be May 25th or so.
The buyers are pre-qualified, yay!


This morning was spent at a couple 
seminars on workamping,
home base, how to buy an RV.

After eating some lunch at the cabin..
we took a walk around the park,
looking at more of our friends' RVs.
Lee & Martha
 ..then returned to the conference hall for 
potluck dinner.

There was lots of food!

Lots of laughter..
and lots of fun..
We played Family Feud..

Harry's team won!
We had a great time!
Tomorrow it's off to look at RV's
at several dealerships in the area.

Nite :-)


  1. What wonderful news! Every time one of you sells the house I do a little happy dance because I know it is still possible, and hope that maybe the market is turning around a bit.

    Although here I keep hearing that property values are down 40%. Things always trickle this way slowly. Both good and bad!

    You really look happy at the Rally.

  2. that is great news!..good for you both!..and I agree with Merikay it does make the dream seem so much more possible as we see the homes selling!! if was our turn too!..have fun at the RV dealers..kicking tires is always fun!!!

  3. We're doing the "Happy Dance" too ;o))

    Looks like another piece of your puzzle has been put into place!!!

  4. That is awesome. A rally and an offer, must be meant to be!