Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Rally day 2 - seminars, and chili night!

This morning started our seminars on the full time RV life.
Since we had gone to the Myrtle Beach rally
last year, a lot of this was repeat for us.
last year we *knew* we wanted a motorhome.
This year we *know* we want a fifth wheel & truck.
So we are listening to the seminars with
5vrs on our mind.

After the morning seminars,  and lunch
at the cabin, then another afternoon seminar..
we took a walk around the RV park 
to talk to more of our RV friends.
We also took a look at Paul & Jill's Montana..
.. we like that floor plan.
So nice of them to let us go through it!

The evening's meal was the chili cook off.
George volunteered to judge again ;-)

He really liked #8, we're not sure whose that 
turned out to be, but they were all very good.

Some people brought some wine 
to have with their chili ;-)

We also got a good picture of some
of our other favorite RVrs..

Marti & Paul
RV friends are the best friends!