Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Rally day 1 - and a little fun with tea bags...

Well, day 1 started with a great breakfast..

Harry cooked bacon, eggs, and bagels..yum!

Since it was a dreary day, 
lots of rain, and chilly..
we hung out and read,
and blogged :)

Finally it was time to head over 
to the conference center to 
register, get our name tags, 
and goody bags.

We sat and talked to some of our 
favorite RVrs..

Martha & Lee
Bunnie & Bob

Dinner was great..
all American fare..
hot dogs, burgers, pork bbq,
potato salad..etc.
Too much!

After sorting out newbies from full timers, 
from researchers, all by show of hand..
we played an ice breaker game,
such as 'minute to win it'.
Tea bags were attached to an RV-dreamers hat..
and the person had to don the hat, 
and try to flip the tea bag up on the bill..
in less than 60 seconds.

Of course, George won this round!

He won a hat! Now we have two..one for him 
and one for me :)

Was a fun night, and we can't wait until