Sunday, April 3, 2011

One week and we're Tennessee bound...

We can't believe that it was way back in September 
that we signed up for the spring rally.
I was so excited to go again, 
we had such a great time last year.

Haven't really thought of it too much..
been too busy with moving between houses,
getting my house clean as it gets shown,
and working on George's house.

Realized today, that it's less than a week!
I do have lists made..
food to take, 
clothes to pack,
things we need for the cabin, etc.

Now we need to get going, getting it
packed up, loaded in the car...

I wanna go now!!

Today was nice enough weather..
that we worked on replacing some
shingles that had blown off the
back porch roof.

George also took the old green & yellow
panels off the back porch. 
We're going to replace it
with some roman shades
to give us shelter from wind.

It'll be nice out there with the
river in the distance.
Now we'll be able to see it
while we're sitting out there..
...when the weather gets warmer!


  1. Yahooo!!!! We're ready to go too! :)

  2. The property is looking good. Have fun at the rally, wish we could be there but have to get back to Iowa to teach a class.

  3. Come on down! Anxious to see you all!

  4. We're looking forward to the Rally, too and having fun being able to chat and compare notes on getting ready for the road.

    We're leaving Friday night and arriving at the campground on Sat. Just going to take a nice easy ride down.

  5. The rally sounds like fun. Don't forget to post pictures so those of us not there can enjoy it vicariously.

  6. Madly packing too. See you in a week!


  7. Have great fun at the rally! You'll be there and it will be over before you know it so do enjoy the whole journey!

  8. Isn't it exciting to have something special to look forward to?