Saturday, April 23, 2011

I can't quite do the Flowbee yet!

Well, the rally is over..
and it's back to reality..
Jobs, housework, all that stuff.
It's also time for haircuts.

Now, I know it's boring
to talk about haircuts...
but it was time for a change..

Of course it was color night too...
so George went wandering
in the mall..
When he came back..
oh my!


It's so much easier!
Especially when it's going
to get hot soon..

Why don't men like short hair??

We went to Olive Garden afterwards
to relax, have some good Italian, 
and a few glasses of wine.

Hey, George should talk 
about short hair!!

I cut his hair today..
with clippers, 
not a Flowbee!


  1. You two are both ready for hot weather!! Now we just need some...

  2. Very nice haircut. I keep mine short. Less bother that way.

  3. Love the haircut... really is attractive!!

  4. Your haircut looks great! Hopefully you will be able to find great places to keep that cut on the road. I know George won't have that trouble! ;c)

    Heard you got a contract on the house! Is it time to go Fiver shopping?

  5. nice hair cut!!..looks great on you!!!..and you should just tell George..that God only made a few perfect heads ..the rest he covered with hair!!

  6. Your hair looks great. My DH actually likes short hair, so how do I wear mine? Long of course. I've actually had my hair every length imaginable but I have found for now long works best. I don't have to worry about someone screwing up the haircut when I am on the road and I can pull it back and throw on a ball cap when I don't want to mess with it. I think dealing with my hair on the road was one of my biggest challenges. I was use to major time at the salon every 5 weeks. It has been an adjustment.

  7. Love the haircut!! It looks great!

  8. Your haircut looks nice. I personally think short hair is too much work, which is why mine is long. I put it in a bun, a braid or a ponytail and it's done in less than 2 minutes.

  9. Love the new hair cut. George looks so handsome with his new do too.

    Travel Safe
    Dawn and Denise

  10. Love your new haircut! It's really becoming!

  11. Laurie, we've been out of internet land in The Great Smoky Mountain National park so I just saw your new haircut. It looks terrific. I'm sure you can keep it like that with a flowbee. George can do it for you!