Sunday, April 24, 2011

He is risen!

Happy Easter!

I'm sure everyone had a blessed Easter..

Our weekend started by taking
another trip down to my house.
There was one more truck load
of stuff in the house to get out.
We took the chip truck..
it was full!

I forgot to take my camera :(
So no pics this post..

We are all through with the house now...
nothing but the closing now!

Today we went to my church for
a nice Easter service.
It was nice to see everyone.

We decided to find an Easter brunch,
but everything was booked up!
We ended up at the hibachi restaurant, 
for Japanese.

George worked on putting new
shades on the back porch,
and we hung patio lights 
to brighten up the spot.

I wasn't in a picture taking mood this weekend :(

Hoping the weather gets better..
we want to start getting the outside
spiffed up..
we want to get George's house
ready for the market!


  1. Oe down, one to go! You will be on the road before you know it.

  2. Happy Easter to you both!!..the days will get house down one more to go!!

  3. Awesome! Glad you are all done cleaning out the house!! :) I hope the weather gets better too - I am very tired of dreary days and rain.

  4. Happy Easter to you guys!

    Don't put that camera away for too long ... I guess you are just pictured out from the Rally!!

  5. Indeed! :c)

    We're so glad your house has sold. Now we have to keep positive thoughts that houswe #2 goes as quickly!

  6. So glad about the house. Easter and Japanese food - sounds good. We couldn't find anything that wasn't packed either so ended up at a local bar for a good burger. Just being with my kids made it special.