Friday, April 15, 2011

Free day!

Ahh, a nice day to do something fun!
Jessica & Harry and George & I
ate a nice pancake breakfast..
then headed off to go RV window shopping.

We first went to Tennessee RV.

While there we looked at Open Range fifth wheels.

I really love the pantry!

We then moseyed on to RVs for Less
in Knoxville.
I wish we could have done some looking around
in Knoxville, it's a beautiful city from the car :-)

At RVs for Less we went in to
every Heartland product they had..
Landmarks mostly.
They are very nice too!

Body language :-)
Butch from RVs for Less
was telling me we need to buy used
first and then trade up later.
Yeah, ok, thanks for the advice :-)

We were pretty tired from all 
the shopping, so we came back
and relaxed a bit, 
then went out to dinner.
I was craving BBQ, good southern BBQ..
so we found Happy Jacks

Oh boy the food was great!

We took a walk when we got back to 
the started to rain a bit,
so we high-tailed it back.

It was a great day!


  1. The shopping is so much fun, its the narrowing it down thats hard. Have fun!

  2. One of these days you will have the rig of your dreams.